Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Girl's Out Over-Nighter

Girl's Weekend
June 2011

Most of us in this group have been friends a very long time.  We are a Bunko group of friends who at one time or another have been neighbors, attended the same church, had babies, adopted babies, had grandbabies, got married, got "un-married", had surgery, experienced death of a child, experienced death of a parent, moved across town, moved out-of-state, been employed, been unemployed, lost a home to fire, sold a home, bought a home, gained weight, lost weight, married off children, vacationed, party-ed and basically "done life" etc. etc.  No, we've not all personally had all these experiences, but we've each had a variety of these life-experiences and we've survived it all TOGETHER.  What a blessed, happy, goofy, lovely group of friends we are!

The Bunko Group still meets once a month to EAT play Bunko, however they do it minus me, since I'm the one who moved out-of-state.  But we ALL gather once a year for our "over-nighter". 

One year we gather on Grand Lake in Oklahoma at Helen's house
and the next year we gather in Louisiana
(at my house).

This is one of my favorite occasions
of each year.

This was our year to meet in Oklahoma.
We always meet on a Friday evening
for dinner at the Hostess' home.
This kicks-off our overnight fun.

We eat.
We sip a little wine.
And we do lots of laughing & talking!

The next day we always take a
shopping trip some place
and "do" lunch.
This year we went to
Sandstone Gardens.
It is pure "eye-candy-Heaven"
for home decorating.

I took some photos to show you -

Have you ever seen so many pretty
things in one place??

Be still my heart.



This place is JY-NOR-MOUS!
Two stories tall with more "pretties"
than the eye can take in.

It even has a Bistro within it's walls,
cause heaven knows
"Shopping Girls Gotta Eat"!

I am seriously perusing the menu.
Food is no laughing matter.

One of the real "sweet treats" of the weekend was the fact
that I got to spend time with my daughter.
I bet you know her, "Momof3girls"
at Land of Fluff
Can you believe I have this beautiful
red-haired daughter?
for the moment I'm sure you've been waiting for.
(drum roll)
Do you want to know what I bought?




Can you find where I put it?
(On the very bottom of this
stand in the Breakfast Room)

All the pretty things I feasted my eyes on
and I basically came home with a

I woulda/could/shoulda
done better.
* * * * * * * * * * * *

Please come visit me tomorrow
when I will tell you the
story within the story,
which explains why I have no
photos of the first night
of our Over-nighter.
I call the post, "Party Pooper".
Till tomorrow . . .


Kimmy said...

Definitely my kind of store!!! I love pretty things!!

Beautiful daughter also! Just like her mom :O)

Can't wait to hear tomorrow's story!

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I love that you are still coneected to your girlfriends through the years. I have a group like that as well. We all used to work together, back in the day, 30 some years ago. We have not been together since I moved to N.C. 2 1/2 years ago. I can tell you, we would love that store. I could spend all day there. Love the bowl you bought.

momof3girls said...

Oh & you forgot boob jobs! Ha! (obviously not mine). We did have a great time!

Mary said...

That sounds like such fun!

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