Monday, June 6, 2011

Smooch Patrol

I am a first born.
My Sister is almost 9 yrs younger
than me.  (You notice I always add
the almost.)  Which simply means
that I am waaaay older than her,
BUT every month counts.

By the time I was 16 and old enough
to date she was 8/9ish.
I didn't date a lot, but when I did
Mom would let her stay up till
my curfew, at which time she
(my sister) would position herself
behind the living room drapes
which hung over the picture window
that over looked the porch.

THEN, when the time was just
right for the "Good night Kiss"
she would flip the porch light
on and off several times and
shout "Woo-Whee!".
I was always mortified and
my date was usually startled
mid-pucker.  (maybe that's
why I didn't date a lot)

Anyway,  my Mom encouraged
my sister's behavior and this became
known as "Smooch Patrol".

Time passed, as it always does.

My sister finally grew up and by
the time she began to date
I had married and had
children who loved to spend the
night with Grandma on the weekend.
So when said Sister's date walked
her to the door Grandma taught
my child the "Smooch Patrol" routine.

And to quote some great
poets of our time,
"The Beat goes on".

My Sister married and had a son.
This son grew and loved to spend
the weekend at our house.
So when my former "Smooch Patrol"child
came of dating age
I taught my nephew the technique.
My daughter was HORRIFIED!

Again, time has passed . . .

and now our youngest daughter is
in the living room with her boyfriend.
They are watching a movie on TV.
And yes,
I.Am.On."Smooch Patrol".
I'm in the adjoining room
Blogging my heart out to you
while vigilently listening for any long pauses
in conversation, and taking lots of "peeks"
around the corner
and making unscheduled
'walk throughs' as needed.



Joyce said...

Ha-yay for the smooch patrol...an important part of raising kids : )

Unknown said...

that is too funny! great family tradition.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

That is such a sweet story. Long live the Smooch Patrol! I'm sure all the children loved being a part of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sisters have so many tricks up their sleeves! Poor "Faded Roses"....I used to short sheet her bed, flip the porch light on and off, walk through the entry nonchalantly swinging one of her bras just as they were about to leave on their date. I should be dead by now, but she was just as onery. Smooch Patrol sounds like delightful fun! Love the story!


OMG.....we had the same mom! My mom did the same thing to me....only instead of a baby sister behind the curtain...it was my mom! Talk about mortified.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Yep -- sounds like that tradition is a true "keeper"! Thanks for the visit.

Unknown said...

That's adorable but I'm sure not for your baby girl! They'll be smooching quietly from now on.

Did your parents have your little sis go on dates with you to "snoop"?

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I love this! What a legacy...with the smooch patrol. And for the record, every kid needs a diligent smooch patrol in their life...keeps them out of trouble!

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