Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blogger, Blogger, oh-so-fair. . .

What are you wearing right now?

The "Not meant for public viewing" look
is what I've been
going for lately.

now that Oprah is no more,
I don't have to worry that she will
appear with a camera crew
and want to look in my
fridge or my closet
or down my throat, etc. etc.
The pressure is off Girls -
"We can relax!".

Right now I've got on my favorite
khaki shorts.
and a comfortable,
baggy tee shirt.

Sans bra. 
Ahh.  Sweet Comfort!

"Blogger, Blogger,
Tell what you're wearing
if you dare. . ."


Kelli said...

Do ya really wanna know?

Well, I have on a pair of brown capris and the closest shirt I could grab this morning, just so I could be decent enough to run the kids to school. It happens to be a very LARGE orange button-down shirt from the mens department, and not terribly attractive. And I certainly didn't mean to leave it on this far into a day when I'm not cleaning or doing yard work or something like that. But I AM terribly comfortable. And since Oprah is not gonna be knockin' on my door.... ;)

Mary said...

I would LOVE to wear what you're wearing (only in a much larger size!), but have to be careful since FES is still here...just a few more days, though!

Skoots1moM said...

turquoise cotton peasant blouse, blue jean shorts

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I do a lot it my flogging in the evening, after I've showered, so I usually sit around my my jammies, with wet hair to blog.

right now, however, I'm wearing dress slacks and uncomfortable shoes, 'cause I'm at work..BOO!

NanaDiana said...

Well, I came home from work, sat down to catch up- got called out to run across the Peninsula for dinner-just got back and sat down to blog for a few minutes...SO...I still have on a DRESS/Short sweater/Stockings/Dress Shoes- I did however remove my watch and rings and they are beside me! So my hands are naked!!! TMI? Hugs- Diana

Kimmy said...

A pair of Old Navy jeans, my Disney World "Love" blouse and some black socks...left over from my work attire. :o)

Unknown said...

Thankfully, Oprah won't be knocking on my door. I'm wearing a blood bank t-shirt and a pair of USA sweat pants. I like to go to bed comfy...not sexy.

Unknown said...

A white t-shirt, sports bra, and blue workout shorts. And I just realized I wore them to exercise last night and left them across a chair to dry. Guess it wasn't the best choice this morning...

Anonymous said...

I actually got dressed before 7:30 this morning...well, I had to. Grandson is here and we might want to do stuff that would require me looking presentable, if not downright beautiful. (I'll settle for presentable. I've only had one cuppa coffee.) But as fishing and swimming is on our agenda for the day, I'm going to have on several outfits of dubious origins. Just don't tell Clinton and Stacy!

Robin said...

Girl, yesterday I didn't even get out of my PJ's! It was the "official" first day of Summer vacation where Marty was at work and I was at home with Jameson all day. I didn't do anything but housework and work on Chelsea's birthday invitations all day, so I thought "what's the point?" LOL

I did put some clothes on today, however...lol!

Relyn Lawson said...

"Sans bra". Do you know? Taking off my bra is my most favorite moment of the day. LOVE THAT FEELING>

Beth J said...

I'm wearing a pair of jeans & a comfortable shirt. Wore that to work today & again I say -- I LOVE working at a company with a casual environment. Jeans & capri pants & tennis shoes are perfectly acceptable. I work in an accounting dept & we don't ever have visitors. Yea!!!

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