Monday, May 30, 2011

A Failure to Communicate

When family and friends gather to celebrate the holidays
there are certain "tales" that are told
again and again and always good for a laugh.

One of my favorite stories is one
our youngest son (who is now an adult)
tells about himself. . .

When he was 16 years old he got a job at Target, working part-time.  He was eager to do well and prided himself on being a helpful employee.  Newly on the job he approached a customer and asked,
"May I help you find something?".

She replied,
"Can you tell me where I would find the
Sanitary Napkins?".

The woman followed as he lead her -

to the dispoable paper dinner napkins.
"Here", he said,
"I'm pretty sure these are sanitized"!

He said the expression on her face
told him he had made
a mistake.

In our home these products were
simply referred to as


he had never heard them called
"Sanitary Napkins".

There had most obviously been
"A Failure to Communicate"!


Rita said...

HA! poor guy, I wonder what was going through the lady's head.

NanaDiana said...

That was hysterical. Your poor son!!! It reminds me of a friend of ours-when he was young he got a job in a hardware store. An older woman came in and asked if he had any rubbers. He stammered a bit and said- Ma'am you'll have to go to the drugstore for those. Whererupon she drew herself up to her highest height and said...Galoshes, young man, galoshes! His face got red even telling it 40 years later!

thanks for the smile~ xxoo Diana

Janet, said...

Poor guy! How funny.

Kelli said...

LOL!!! That's great! Thanks for the giggle! :)

Anonymous said...

What shade of red did he turn? I bet the woman had a great laugh on her way home! Imagine if it had been a man asking that question on his errand for the wife? We always called them kotex, too, and when my cousin was 8 years old, she told a joke at a family reunion no less, that included the punch line "Go get my coat, Tex." (Slur the words together.) Needless to say, that little 8 year old got sushed very quickly by her red faced mom.
Thanks for the heehee...loved it!

Unknown said...

Priceless! Reminds me of when my the 7-yr-old son (with 2 older sisters) called me into his bedroom, closed the door, sat me down on his bed, and asked "just what is this thing called a period?"

Mary said...

Bless his heart! Bet he never made that mistake again!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh how funny! I bet she was telling that story too!

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