Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I just had to ask. . .


Do you shop online?

I love an occasional shopping day with a friend.
BUT, I've noticed lately, when there is something
I want and I really want to compare prices
I head for the computer.


And then there's the thrill of finding that UPS
box on my front porch.
Love that!

Last week I received a set of sheets I had
ordered from Overstock.com.
Great deal and Great product.


This week I ordered bras,
which I can only find online,
as I am allergic to certain fabrics.
YES.  It was difficult taking this
self photo, but I managed.
This is my Blog so I can exagerate/lie
if I want to.


Hubby has ordered a microscope needed
for homeschooling daughter.

They are a changing.

I'm just curious and wondering if you are
seeing a change in your shopping habits.
Please fill out the nifty little Poll above this post
and we'll see what the tally is.
And you know I love your comments too!!


Kelli said...

Love shopping online! Like you said, finding that package at the door is always fun. :) Another thing I'm learning to love is the pic2shop app on my iPhone. Scan a barcode when you're out shopping and it gives you the prices for the item from several popular stores. That's cool stuff!

Mary said...

I don't buy very many clothes online...I have to feel the fabric and actually try it on before I buy it. The iPhone app that Kelli was talking about sounds really neat; I think my husband has that on his Droid, too.

Joy Tilton said...

I order online alot! I have been accused of watching too much QVC, but I've cured myself of that addiction...it's called the Internet. No matter what I want, no matter what time I need to shop, I can find it! AND I can shop my best price....don't cha love it? Oh yes, since you asked...Hubby lost his Blackberry in the lake while "helping" the guy at the marina fill our tank. So in one fell swoop he dropped $100 for gas and $150 for phone! We are the most accident prone people on Earth!

Mom24 said...

I love online shopping--do it all the time! So easy and convenient and I almost always get exactly what I was looking for.

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I do a lot of comparison shopping online..before making a purchase. As well as, I will often see something I want in a store and search online for a better price. I love being able to shop online.

Susan said...

I buy art and jewelry supplies online. Bedding and curtains online from Penney's and my hubby gets ALL his shoes from Zappos. Actually there's more. Hmmm, I'd better go back and change my vote. Fun post.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I love getting a package on the porch -- it's sort of like Chiristmas (even if you know what's inside!)

NanaDiana said...

I absolutely LOVE shopping online. I hate malls (sorry all you shop til you drop people)..so I am all about shopping from the comfort of my computer! I buy clothes online that are easy for traveling and can't find them anywhere else. Also, as a working gal..I don't want to spend my spare time in a store...unless it is to find treasures for the house! Oh..yeah...I do like antique malls and junk shops..lol Diana

Mimi said...

I do a fair amount of shopping online, especially during the holidays!

Love the bra photo, you look just like me, lol!


I love to shop online...because I love the anticipation of seeing the UPS or FEDEX truck pulling up in the yard. I like to go shopping....but really prefer just to hit it online these days. Going requires time I don't seem to have these days.

Robin said...

I LOVE shopping online! I would rather shop online than go into the store!

Nothing better than seeing that box sitting on your steps!!


Robin :o)

Unknown said...

Missed voting in your poll, but I'd say once in a while. I hesitate buying clothes and shoes, as I prefer to try things on. I can wear a shoe size 7 to 8 1/2 depending on the shoe and returns can be a hassle. Books, gifts, etc though--I'm in! And I recently got a gorgeous bedding set from Overstock--love that place!

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