Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello Mudda. Hello Fahda.

Off to Camp!
This is the only picture my 15 yr old would allow me to take today.
This her unloading her "stuff" to go to Camp.
You do know it's soooo "uncool" to be
caught posing for a picture for your Mom.
I used to go most every Summer;
sometimes twice a summer.
Church Camp.
There was no air-conditioning, no pool,
and we girls had to wear dresses 24/7.
Still, we loved it.
We didn't know any better.
Great memories!
7 yr old Granddaughter taught me
this Camp song last week.
(gotta read carefully to "get" it)

"If I had a little white box
to put my Jesus in,
I'd take it out
and *smooch *smooch *smooch
(kissing sounds)
and share him with a friend.

If I had a little black box
to put the devil in,
I'd take him out
(pounding palm of one hand w/fist)
then do it all again!"


Camp songs seem to have changed
a bit since I was a camper. !!!

Did you go to Camp when you
were a kid?
Good or bad experience?


Robin said...

I attempted to go to Church Camp twice....the first time I lasted a day-and-a-half, the second time, I lasted three days. After that, I decided not to try any more....lol! What can I say, I'm just a homebody!

Oh, and off topic, but if you will notice, the Owl/Camp sign points right to your "bra" (or until you make another post)...my son thought the sign was hilarious, so he called the neighbor kid to look...of course the perve neighbor kid noticed the bra, not the sign...lol!


Robin said...
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Gladys said...

Yep, went every summer. We had to wear dresses, boys couldn't swim with girls and vice versa, we had 5 hours of chapel every evening. We would sneak out of our cabins and meet the boys down by the lake and go skinny dipping. Thank Gawd there was no music because we might have been forced into that sinful dancing.

Handsome's wife said...

Loved camp. I only went once and then we moved but I love it. I didn't listen to my mom and bring chapstick. Boy was I sorry. Lesson learned.

Susan said...

I was Baptist, but went to Presbyterian camp, mostly because of my best friend. At "hers" you stayed in dorms instead of cabins, like "ours". Went twice... sixth grade, not so good. Eighth grade... much more fun. I still have all the pictures that I took with my Polaroid Swinger. Ahhhh, thanks for that prod down memory land.

Kimmy said...

Nope, I never went to camp as a child and I don't think my parent's would put me through that anyways, with as shy as I was. Plus, they were worry warts. I guess I see where I get that! I can't see me sending my daughter either. I'm weird like that.....and worried like that!! lol

Oh, and did you happen to notice that your "camp" sign was pointing right at the "hand made bra"?!?!?! LMAO!!! Too funny!!!!


I went to camp as a kid...and then as a teenager worked camps during the summer. I loved camp myself. I fell in love for the first time at church camp.

Jill said...

I never went to camp as a kid. Camping is not my thing, and my idea of roughing it is having to stay in a Motel 6. Goodness, I sound like such a diva! : )

Beth J said...

I had many fun times at church camp and actually learned alot! There was something about getting away from it all that was like living in another time zone. Later, I was so glad that my son got to go to the same camp that I had attended. Great memories!
PS The year after my last year of attendance, our church starting renting a cabin with air conditioning...

Delena said...

I did go to church camp when I was in grade 5, then again after grade six. This time with a girlfriend. We actually got kicked out and had to sit on the side of the road on our suitcases for our parents to pick us up. It was because there was a night when we were supposed to write questions to God and put them in a box to be answered. Our question was "Is God in our closet?". I don't know how "they" knew it was us and why that was so wrong but nevertheless we got the boot!

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