Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I want another baby.


Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone else,
but lately I've been longing for another baby.

I admit it.
I've the need to cuddle, coo,
and be a Mom once again.
Don't care if it's a boy or a girl -
either would be fine with me.
Guess I need to tell my hubby,
but thought I'd share my heart
with you first.

Course I'm talking about the
4-legged, furry type of baby.
The kind that goes "bow wow"
rather than "wah wah".
Kramer passed in April and I think
I'm ready to love again.

Guess I need to pray about this
as I will need some "God help"
to make this happen. 
I don't want to buy a dog,
I want to rescue a dog.
(that's important to me)
It must be a puppy -
one that doesn't shed
and won't grow to be
more than 25 pounds. 
No pedigree needed,
as I love mutts.

I'm checking the local
"Adopt-A-Pet" rescue site often.
Or, if someone locally had some
"accidental" puppies that they
are trying to find a home for. . .

Wish I may.
Wish I might.
Get the puppy
that's exactly right
for me!


Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Now I want a baby too!

Parsley said...

I knew right away you were talking of the 4 legged type! lol

Well...most dogs shed unless it's a breed that gets their fur cut. Even our short coat dogs blow their coats twice a year.

I have a feeling though that some little muttlet will warm it's way into your heart.

Unknown said...

The shih tzus are wonderful for not shedding. I adore my two. Their personalities are practically human. It definitely filled the longing for a baby! Hope you can get one soon!

Unknown said...

We were given (I should say forced to take) a mini schnauzer a couple of months ago, but just couldn't keep him. We discovered that while we love dogs, we don't necessarily want to own one. We gave him to some friends who had an elderly Jack Russell. The old dog died a couple of weeks ago and they've told us having the puppy has made it a little easier. Schnauzers aren't supposed to shed and the minis don't get very big. You might consider them. Glad your heart is mending.

Joyce said...

Well, initially puppies are almost as much work as the human variety : ) Hope you find the perfect match!

Gladys said...

That is exactly how I felt when i got The Boz. Good luck and believe me you'll know him/her when you see him/her.


I know what you mean. I have had nothing but rescue pups for the last three and would have it no other way. They NEED me and I needed to be needed. My cousin is keeper of pups from the local rescue place...and she sits in on all their adoptions. Last time I was in Dallas...I almost brought a plot hound named Molly home. Good thing I didn't. I was living in an apartment at the time...and the plot hound...was part Great Dane...SHE WAS HUGE a year later....but so sweet...and thought she was chihuahua sized. What a riot. I will keep my fingers crossed and wish on a star tonight for you too.

Kelli said...

Hope you find the perfect baby for you. :) We can't have an inside pet due to severe allergies and the outdoor doggy we tried didn't work out for us. Maybe someday...

Jill of All Trades said...

It took us four years to be ready again and have another "baby" brought into our lives. Now we have our little Clayton and I don't know if I could not have him. Good luck.

Mary said...

We get the "baby" yearning every now and then, but since we already have 2 and school will be starting again very soon, it will have to wait!

nancygrayce said...

I was just listening to the news tonight about all the dogs that have been given up by people hurt by this oil spill and couldn't afford to keep them. That just broke my heart...I looked at the husband and he said "don't even think about it" ....we do have the two toy poodles who are not very well behaved! :)

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