Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Americana

Food - Friends/Family - Fun!


This is the remnants of the food table
after all the meats had been refrigerated.
Wide assortment of smoked meats, salad,
BBQ Beans and Potato Casserole,
along with homemade dinner rolls
and a variety of chips & desserts.

My oldest son, Grey, with Brigid, his SO.

My oldest daughter, Amy,
who commandiers the BIG party!

Family, friends, and neighborhood kids

Dinner on the ground.

Stashia (youngest daughter) & Gracie
My sister and her husband.

Queen Paige, resting a bit.

Youngest son, Tate,
keeping a watchful eye on "the" best homemade ice cream ever -
"Homemade Milky Way Ice Cream"

A Perfect Day!

I know versions on this gathering of family and friends was repeated all over our fair country. 
We have much to celebrate!


momof3girls said...

yeah your able to load pics again!!!

Joyce said...

Looks like you had a fun day and Milky Way ice cream sounds fantastic...did you just put milky way bars into a vanilla recipe or is there more to it?

Jewel said...

Wonderful pics, ST! Isn't it great gathering with family and friends, eating and celebrating the 4th? I just love it!

SusanD said...

Your daughter Amy so favors you in looks. Eating food picnic style always makes it taste better! Fun times and precious memories. Is that your sis from OK? Thanks for sharing. Have a fabulous day. Blessings, SusanD

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Fun! Looks like a star spangled holiday!

Mary said...

OH.MY.GOSH. Homemade Milky Way Ice Cream. That sounds like a dream!

Anonymous said...

It was a very fun day, wasn't it? :)

Tina said...

Homemade Milky Way Ice Cream??? Sounds great!

I loved the picture of the neighborhood kids.

God bless America!

Handsome's wife said...

Okay, you must post the recipe for the ice cream. It sounds so yummy.

Kimmy said...

Yah!! Looks like you all had lots of fun!! We went camping. I need to get a post up about that trip too. Makes for some interesting stories..lol!

Kelli said...

Looks like a wonderful time! :) We, too, enjoyed our celebration. What a great time to get together with family and friends. :) We Americans have so much to celebrate!

Unknown said...

Oh I miss that ice cream!!! I remember him always making it at the couples bunko every year! It was so good!

Robin said...

I'm DROOLING over the food...especially the MILKY WAY ICE CREAM! YUMMY!


Mimi said...

It looks like an amazing day! I would love to have celebrations like that.

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