Thursday, July 1, 2010

the other "F" word

womanmouth.jpg picture by bunkodeb
Let's put on our adult hats and have some intellectual
intercourse.  Shall we?

We all understand that words are powerful.
We all understand that they bring to mind powerful images.
We also understand that often words have more than one meaning,  ie "intercourse".
My family comes from a staunch Southern Baptist upbringing and most of the time our conversation reflects that fact.  However, the other day I made a statement that rendered my husband speechless,  and agasp at my use of the English language.
"What freakin' difference does it make?".
That's what I asked him in reference to something I can't even remember now.

Said Husband then made a not so pleasant
remark about my
"potty mouth".
I stood  officially rebuked.

Whoa there Cowboy!!
I'm beggin' your pardon here.
I think this "freakin" word
has more than one meaning.

I googled said word and yes I must
admit that I found many sites saying
it was a byword of the "F" bomb;
however, I also found that
it was often used as an adverb ,
which was how I was using it.
I used it to show intensity.
I have decided not to use
 "the other F word" as I understand
that I could obviously be misunderstood.
Still, I think we will find that in time
it will be totally unassociated with
the "F bomb".
I remember when we were told that
darn/dang = damn.
shoot =sh _ t
Does anyone besides me remember that?
I also remember when we referred to
a very handsome guy as a "stud".
Most parents who had been raised
on a farm had a hard time with that
word at first too.

I'm just sayin'. . .
And I'll keep my "sayin'" nice.
I promise!
No more "f word" from
this Southern Belles lips.


Robin said...

LOL! Great post!

I remember my mother popping my mouth when I said the word "GOSH" when I was little. I was crushed, because I just copied the word from the song "Gosh oh gee, how happy I would be, if I could only whistle!"


Parsley said...

True...slang for slang but let's give each other a break. I say gosh and someone tells me it means God. So I say goodness...same thing. Say nothing and you're a stick in the mud.

Great post!

Mary said...

Ha! I said "Crap" when I was in high school & my dad about had a cow.

SusanD said...

ahahaha! I say dadgummit a lot! But I can't believe and am at times appalled at the way some people talk so casually. Thanks for the reminder. Have a fabulous weekend. Blessings, SusanD

BTW, I see you got the image uploader problem resolved. Good for you.

Susan said...

I was the white sheep in the group. I never liked to "cuss", while all the others did. That's not to say that I can't tell you off using medical terminology that will have your head spinning. Even today I still say the initials only of a swear word when reading aloud. There are lots of words that people, especially children, use these days that I would have been astonished if I had heard back then. Remember that hillbilly bear on the cartoons that muttered and grumbled nonsense words back in the 60's? That's what we need to do. (oops, I said "doo")

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Cute! I do remember being told that "gee whiz" was the same as cursing. Really? But now those words seem awfully tame - don't you think? Oh well, just smile and sip your sweet tea! Thanks for your very sweet visit to my tablescape.

Unknown said...

I came from a family that didn't even allow us to say, "shut up" for fear that it was just plain ol' wrong. Gosh, heck, dang, darn...all words that stood for something else....were not allowed. Even when it came to talking about an ass/donkey...nope...not allowed.

I guess you'll just have to make up your own words. Go to word verification...there's plenty of good words to use there.

Unknown said...

I remember getting in trouble for saying "dang". The adult told me not to cuss and I protested that I hadn't--and I spelled what I had said. They responded "that's not how it's spelled". They thought I was using dang for damn--and actually I wasn't or didn't think I was.

I wouldn't let my kids say something "sucked". I hate the way that sounds. They could say something "vacuumed". And if it was really bad, they could say it "electroluxed". Because as we all know--nothing sucks like an Electrolux!

Anonymous said...

I could type up a list of all the words my mother wouldn't allow me to say, but then I'd be in big trouble! :)


Thanks for the reminder that the other F word is just as bad. I use it sometimes...and I am a preachers wife...Shame Shame. I will be more careful with my language in the future. This was a great post.

Jewel said...

What a great post, ST! :-) I know all about the "not-really-cussing" cusswords.
We became youthleaders at our church several years ago and were pretty amazed, i.e. appalled at the language many of these wonderful young people used.
Over time, we encouraged them to clean it up until one Wed. evening after youth gathering, hubs and I were on our way home and in the quiet thoughtfulness on our way home, we realized that those kids had not used one "bad" word all evening! We about shouted!!!! :-)

Mimi said...

I have a terrible potty mouth, so my husband would be thrilled to hear me say "freakin'"

Debbie said...

I have to admit that my hairs on my neck stand up a little when my kids say that. I do think for them it is a substitute for the other F word. Better a substitute...

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