Monday, April 19, 2010

Academy of Country Music Awards

I watched the Academy of Country Music Awards last night.

Reba MeEntyre was the host.  I swear she looked even more beautiful this year than she did last year.  The beaded dress she wore at the start of the show fit her beautifully and showed of her beautiful back
(no back fat on Reba.  For sure.) and her slim, toned arms which IMO look every bit as good as Michelle Obama's arms. WOW!

I have an announcement I'd like to make.
I sure hope Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, and Kristian Bush are listening.
"you can take off the BIG cowboy hat, the funny ball cap, the doo rag,
and the woolen hat. . .Dudes, we know you're bald and we love you anyway.
Get over it!"

The opening song was sang by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, and they were joined by a variety of guitar and fiddle players.  Carrie,  did you try on that dress/shirt before you wore it?  It was so short I was sure I'd be seeing your Va-ja-ja at any moment. My husband thanks you for your "barely there" little black dress.

I must admit that I am biased to anything which has to do with Blake Shelton
You see  I.Love.Blake.Shelton.
So glad he sang his "Hillbilly Bone" song.
He did a great job and just gets darn cuter everytime I see him.

Brooks & Dunn.
Who doesn't like them?  Is there anyone?
Kix Brooks is the party guy of the Duo.
When Kix is around you can be sure there will be a good time.

Bad hair day!!  Blech!
Ronnie Dunn, on the other hand, is the more serious of the two.  He has the beautiful tenor voice that can sing anything.  Have you ever noticed that he won't wear a Cowboy hat?  He doesn't want to cover his hair, which he is so proud of.  Tonight he SHOULD have worn a hat.  He gets the "Scruffy Hair Award" for the evening.

Miranda Lambert!!Top Female Vocalist of the Year
So happy for her.
She has performed in the shadow
of Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwoodfor sooooo long. 
Now it's her turn to shine!!

It seems Lady Antebellumjust couldn't do anything wrong.
They kept winning all sorts of
awards last night...I think I read
the lead singer had tried out for
AI twice and been rejected.
You missed on that one, Simon
Oops!  She could barely
walk in that red dress which was
too long - another fashion faux pas.

Rascal FlattsLast night you made my ears bleed.
Waaay off key.
I have all your CD's and am
a big fan.  But last night,

Brad Paisley
Did you really need to take
a dip in the water?
Didn't float, IMO.

Luke Bryan"Top New Artist of the Year"How cute is this guy??!!
And, he can "sang".
Neon white teeth that
glowed from the stage - Blinding.
Congratulations Luke!



Thanks for the update....I missed them last night. Who won Entertainer of the Year.

Mimi said...

I agree completely about Rascal Flats! Kenny Chesney was on Oprah last week & they actually had scenes of him on a plan without any hat on. It was nice to finally see.

momof3girls said...

I missed the show the other night- I really wished I would have set my dvr- sounds like a fun night. I love your new look on your blog!!!!

Mc Allen said...

baaaaaaaaaaaaaaha. you crack me up, but I love ya!! I agreed with it all. Carrie is sooo darn cut . and Tim, Kenny~ LOVE!! I wonder if Reba had extentions? Shes so cute! great post, seriously!! xoxo LA

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