Friday, April 23, 2010

Homeschooling. What say ye?

I am thinking about homeschooling my 15 yr old
daughter next yr., 10th grade.
I'm afraid.
(because I don't feel qualified)
I'm pissed.
(because I don't want to give up "my" time)
I'm sad.
(Goodbye shopping days with my Gf's.
Goodbye lunch out.)
I'm nervous.
(Goodbye clean house.  UGH!
I hate messy.)

I don't want to get too personal, but Princess
is having serious problems at school so my
husband and I feel there is no other choice.
I am not a "I-know-I-can-do-this-better
type of mom.  Honestly, I feel this is a
major sacrifice on my part.  Please don't
throw stones at me.  I love my child and will
do what is necessary, but right now I am
experiencing a bit of a "bad attitude".

I'd really like to know your
with homeschooling.
Do you Homeschool?
Do you know others who do?
I'd also like to know what you
think are the good & bad of
schooling at home - Honestly.
"Please be gentle."

Thanks for riding out the hills & valleys
of my life with me.


Kimmy said...

Awww....it's okay. You're allowed to feel like this. Although, on a funnier note, this reminds me of an episode of Desperate Housewives where Gabby has to homeschool her child and she's not happy one bit. It's pretty funny!
I don't homeschool my daughter though however, we do plan on putting her into a private school once she hits middle school age. I wish I could have been more of a help but don't be down on yourself. *hugs*

Parsley said...

I homeschool our 14 yr old girl and have since the beginning. You WILL have challenges pulling her out of public school but many have done it successfully.

Bottom line is you CAN do this and still have some of your fun time. She can still have fun time too. It CAN put a strain between the teen girl/mom relationship but we'd have strain anyways...right? That's just the reality and you will both be okay as long as you find patience and respect with each other.

Start looking for a homeschool group. (Christian if that is your religion) Go to a Mardels where they have curriculum. I like Bob Jones but that may not be your style.

I have much FREE advise to offer. Just email me.

MammaDucky said...

What about independent study program? I did that for 2 yrs of my high school career and found it wonderful. I was even able to do concurrent college enrollment (meaning I was getting high school and college credits at the same time) for a few classes. I did have to meet on campus with my I.S. teacher once a week to look over my work and to take tests, but other than that it was all done at home. The school provided all of the books and curriculum so none of the pressure was on my Mom.

Joyce said...

Well I have never homeschooled so won't offer any advice other than to say this-I imagine you know your child best and what she needs. Nothing with teenagers is easy but it is all just a season and if you feel strongly led to do this then perhaps it will set her on a path to success she won't get if she stays in her current situation.

I think with an older child you'll still be able to squeeze in a few lunches out, etc. Good luck with your decision.

Unknown said...

I homeschooled both of my daughters for 12 years. I would do it again if I had the choice. My youngest went back to public school in the last of her junior and senior year but the other graduated completely from a homeschool setting. Look for charter homeschool programs in your areas. Those are schools where you can teach and also have her on campus throughout the week as well. If not, then, independent study may also be a solution.

It won't always be easy, if she fights you on it. But, if she wants to be homeschooled, then her motivation will be your motivation too.

At her age, you will be able to assign her work independently and still be able to have lunch with your gf and run errands. Hold her accountable to getting things done.

If you need any input, let me know.

legendswife said...

Come on over to my blog. I have a few post of my own experience and thoughts on homeschooling.

:)God Bless

B @ Sweet Limes said...

I've always had mixed feelings about homeschooling and the parents who choose to do it but I have to tell you about my one friend. She was like you, had a child having HUGE issues and decided this was the route to go. Felt many of the same things you did about this as well, but decided it was for the best. I can't remember if she did it for one or two years but her child just bloomed and is back in the public system with top marks in his classes and doing much better with all issues that triggered this choice. It did great things for her child and that's the bottom line I suppose. You'll do great at this, even if it does stink in many ways.

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Oh, I'm afraid, since I don't have children, that I can't be of much help. But I wanted to comment anyway, and tell you I think you're so brave to be even CONSIDERING this big step, and I hope you find peace in making the right decision!

I'm sure the tremendous people in this blogosphere will be of great help to you! Good luck and let us know what you decide! Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

One of my good friends was homeschooled, and I'd be more than happy to connect you to him if you'd like to ask him questions...

Simple Home said...

I've been homeschooling for 14 years now. My oldest two boys homeschooled through highschool, and are about to graduate from college. My girls are in 9th and 11th grade, and the twins are in 4th grade. It does require alot of time, but at the age your daughter is, much of the work will be done independently with you as overseer. There are some great curriculum's out there, and I'd be happy to email you and let you know what we've used over the years. I will say, that for math, Teaching Textbooks is great. It's done on the computer, and it explains so well. You can go to their website and view samples, I believe.
Feel free to email me :-)

Cheri said...

I home schooled two of our 3 daughters waaaay back in 1997 and they were going into 3rd and 6th grade, the oldest was going into 9th and like you, I didn't feel qualified to teach her, but with that being said, I did enjoy it, we could go at our own pace, if I had to do it over again I would have chose to start from preschool age but 3rd and 6th grades were not bad at all. I think today there are many more parents that home school, there is a greater sense of support. Get on line or if you know others that home school, check out their opinions on curriculum. A year prior to me home schooling I was lucky enough that our pastor's daughter home schooled so I sat in off and on during that time. I also worked for a lady that home schooled so I had that in my favor too. Good luck. I think you might like it better than you thought.

PS- The oldest daughter who wanted nothing to do with me home schooling her, is thinking of possibly home schooling our granddaughter in a couple years.

BARBIE said...

I totally understand what you are going through. My 16 year old son has been struggling academically for years. I tried to hold him back a couple of times in different grades, until he caught up to his peers, but the school district refused. Now he just doesn't care. I pulled him out last semester and began schooling through k12.com (on line). But because he isn't very motivated, I am not sure it's the right fit. Homeschooling is a challenge for any mom. Pray and seek the Lord's wisdom. He will guide you. Praying with you!


AS you know...I am a public school teacher....high school at that. I understand where you are coming from....I did not homeschool...but that was then...and it was a much different time than it is now. I have friends who do homeschool...and they do a great job. One was a stay at home mom...with a high school diploma...and her six kids were brilliant. She did an excellent job...and I know you can do it to. Public school is not what it used to be...and for that I am very sad. Not enough money, little parental constraints, no punishments, and too much bureacrasy have gotten in the way of teaching. I too would recommend you check out charter schools in your area...there are some really good ones! They are the closest thing to a private school without costing an arm and a leg.

Relyn Lawson said...

Well, I have no idea what is going on, what the background of your decision is... I also don't homeschool. My husband and I am both public school teachers. So, take this for what it is worth.

You and your husband really love your daughter and if this is what you think is best, you will find a way to make it work. You two are the only ones who are in the position to decide what is best for her. And, obviously you are approaching it with care and concern.

It is a major sacrifice on your part and I think it is good that you don't take it lightly. I do recommend joining some sort of homeschooling cooperative. The mastery needed for each subject can feel pretty overwhelming for high school. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Of course, you aren't. We can tell that from this post. Good luck, my friend.

Mary said...

I have friends who have homeschooled. Their kids are very well adjusted, and have adjusted to college life nicely. There are plenty of homeschool groups out there to get involved with, so you won't feel like you're going it alone. Also, there may even be some kind of co-op group where someone teaches a group of homeschoolers. Good luck!

Mimi said...

My son left high school this year, his senior year & is now working towards his GED instead. It has been difficult having him around all of the time, but we have also gotten closer.

I hope you'll find the best choice for you.

D. Jean Quarles said...

It can be a wonderful experience. Yes, and a challenge. Good luck.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

My lovely DIL has always home-schooled my grandkiddos and they are doin' great. As an educator I was quite pessimistic when this decision was made. She is a wealth of information. You can contact her at http://whitetrashmama.blogspot.com/.
Good luck to both you and your daughter.

God bless ya and have a marvelous Monday!!!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I think you'll do fine -- I work for public schools in adult education -- we often get the adults that just weren't successful in traditional school -- it's wonderful to see them flourish in areas they didn't think possible. Nobody knows her like you do -- and you'll both get through. It's good to be honest about the way you feel about how this will impact you as well. Hopefully you'll still have a lot of time for you too! Thanks for your sweet visit!

SusanD said...

Do you know the Pioneer Woman? She has some good advice on home schooling. Some of the other women I follow home school too. I'm sure they could give you tips or answer your questions.

Just breath....and pray. Blessings, SusanD

Gladys said...

Tea, have you thought about a magnet school? It made all the difference for my daughter. She went to Airline the first year and let me tell you it was a nightmare. She went to Caddo Magnet and it was a whole different experience. Grades went up bullying was non-existent. Of course that was over 10 years ago but still..

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