Saturday, April 17, 2010

Do you "get it"?

"Daddy and I are so thankful for the family that God has given us.  We are blessed...We feel our family should stay just as it is, soooooooo, Daddy is gonna have a little surgery so we can be sure our family stays just the size it is.  Everything will be fine.  Daddy will just be lying around taking it easy this weekend after his surgery.  Everything will be fine."

The three daughters, aged 11, 9, and 6, stared blankly at their Mom (our oldest daughter) as she explained her husband (their Dads) upcoming vasectomy...Everyone seemed fine with the simple explanation.  The 11 yr old, sort of "got it", the 6 yr old couldn't have cared less, but the 9 yr old began to think about the situation...Later that day she approached her Mom,

"I don't get it.
Since YOU have the babies,
why is Daddy having the surgery"?

Mom looked deep into those innocent blue
eyes and replied, "Well, it takes a MaMa and
a Daddy to have babies."

"Oh", said curious child,
"OK...but I still don't get it".
Then she went merrily on her way.
She'll be back, doncha think?

How old were you when you
discovered how babies were made
and where they came from?

Who told you?


mama's smitten said...

For sure! I can't remember who told me. But I do remember thinking that if you watched soap operas ( Like moms do) and people were kissing you could get a baby in your tummy! Crazy Huh!Can't believe I admitted that!

B @ Sweet Limes said...

Sweet Tea!! Haven't been around for a while, but just reconnecting with some of my old bloggy friends. (it's B from "Simply B, Simply Me" which is no longer) Had to stop in and say hi and say this is the greatest story! I'm blogging again, so come say hi. I'll be back for sure!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

So cute -- wonder how long before she's back. My sister told me and I didn't believe her at all (I was about 7)- because I already had my theory and it had to do with my parents changing their bedroom from twin beds to a double bed - then I found out that my brother was on the way -- I just knew it had something to do with sleeping "together" -- nothing to do with the horror my big sister was making up.....only to find out MUCH later that she hadn't been making it up at all!

Thanks for your very sweet visit to my bridal shower today -- It was much fun.

Susan said...

We got a book in health class. A book that for the 60's was very informative. So much so, that this 6th grader got grossed out. I really didn't see how it was possible. Eleven year old's are much more savvy these days. Hmm.

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