Friday, February 12, 2010


Here we are mid-February, the nights are long and the days are short.  It's about this time each year when I slide into a "Mega Funk. (Not to be confused with a "Depressed Funk)  

I fall into a lazy, unmotivated type-of-funk.
I'm not proud of this.
This is one of those times when the truth does truly hurt.  In the summer I am animated, full of energy, going, doing, planning, thriving.  Then, in late Fall I begin to slow, and go through the holidays at half speed.  THEN, after that the brakes go on and I become someone I don't even know.  And, when I look into the mirror I don't even recognize the person (?) who stares back at me.

This is what a MEGA-FUNK
looks like -

I wear a sloppy tee shirt every day,
sometimes the color changes
but never the style.

Also, a pair of Sweat pants,
usually black, but ocasionally gray.

THEN, when it's time to change
into pj's
(immediately after dinner)

 I put on yet another tee shirt

and a pair of baggy pajama pants.

At this point I know you're totally "into me" and can't wait to hear what I wear on the rare occasion of leaving my home.  Wait no longer. . .

Yep, you guessed it,
yet another Tee. . .

but this time I drag out a pair of my
"too tight" jeans and squeeze
into them.

and top it with a cardigan sweater.
(and don't I wish I looked like
the girl in this photo!)

'Fraid not!

But, come the first sunny warm day,
and I'm finding my cute capris,
a funky top and a wildly colored
pair of Flip Flops. . .I'm buying
a new shade of lipstick and
slathering on the Tanner.

What to do about the winter MEGA-FUNK?
I'd love your suggestions!


SusanD said...

Sorry GF. I got nothin! I'm so ready for spring thaw and splittin the wind on my motorcycle. I'll be checkin back to see if others have good suggestions. Blessings, SusanD


All you need is a good pair of flip flops. BTW, my appointment was yesterday. The other one...is Tuesday. What a week. Did you get any snow?

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I don't know but add a healthy dose of snow to that and I go from "Mega Funk" to full blown "Snow Slug". Cold and dark, to me means...go to bed!

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Well, you got me beat. I just stay in flannel pj pants and a sweat shirt till noon. Then change into jeans and a sweater, then back into pjs after dinner. I thought it was just me. Chocolate helps--but I'm sure I'll be sorry once warm weather hits and nothing fits (hey, I'm a closet poet!).

♥Georgie♥ said...

LOL...oh my i am a MEGA FUNKster...sometimes i dont even put on a bra...sad i know but truth...sigh...come on spring!

Relyn said...

Personally, I have a BAD case of the Februaries.

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