Monday, February 8, 2010

Day Book

My Day Book
idea borrowed  from 4:53

Remembering a hot Summer day
makes the Winter wind seem warmer.

For today...I am blessed to spend the day as I wish.

Outside my window...it is cold, gray & cloudy.

I am thinking...of my sweet Furbaby, Kramer, who I'm taking to the vet later.

I am hearing...the TODAY show from the next room.

I am thankful for...a warm home.

I am wearing...sweat pants w/hoodie, socks and tennies

I am remembering...Thursday is Bunko night!

I am going...to clean the floors today.  Soooo exciting.

I am creating...a good dinner this evening

On my mind...my teenage daughter

Noticing that...I am slow to "start" today.

Pondering these words..."Arise and shine, for the glory of the Lord is upon you."

From the kitchen...I'm thinking about having a late breakfast.

Around the house...there is a bit of cleaning to do which will make the rest of the week more enjoyable for me.

One of my fave things...Sweets!  But, I need to step away from them a bit more often.

A picture to share...     A Warm Summer Day!                      



I love me some summer days. I am hating this cold stuff.

Kimmy said...

I too love warm summer days and so longing for them too!! Hearing the birds chirp is one of my favorite sounds too!

Have a great day!

Together We Save said...

Oh I miss summer.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I love warm summer days but here it isn't warm, it's HOT. I will settle for spring like weather instead.

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