Monday, January 4, 2010

Reflection: The Doctor is In

Christmas 2009 is history.
The new year has arrived.
I've been doing some reflecting. . .

1.  Holiday weight gain?
     I'm afraid to get onto the scales,
     but my jeans won't zip comfortably.

2.  Worst gift I purchased this year?
      "Bump It" (great website)
     I bought this for my 15 yr old daughter,
     and it's still in the box.
     I knew better when I bought it!!
     Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

3.  What I wish I had done differently?
     Baked less.
     I actually had to throw out
     some things (which I should have frozen)
     because I had  over-prepared. 
     I like to bake -
     a lame excuse, but the truth.

4.  One smart thing I did was. . .?
     I rec'd 2 gift boxes of Pears.
     I took them to family in Tulsa
     so they wouldn't be wasted.

5.  One thing I've learned about the holiday?
     Plan ahead and don't go into debt
     buying gifts.  It's NOT worth it.
     Patting myself on the wallet back for this one.

"How did YOU do this year?"
Tell the truth, you're among friends.
*Anonymous* comments permitted.


Darlene said...

I need to post this as anonymous but I gained weight and we used our credit cards (just like every year)! I told my hubby I better not see ANY NEW CHARGES on it till we get it paid off. I don't care if we have to eat beans and macaroni EVERY DAY!!!

Susan said...

I ate everything that wasn't nailed down. I have acid reflux and I ate things that made it flare up, KNOWING that this would happen. I started a weight loss blog last year in hopes of losing 40 pounds and I gained ten (plus). So for me, it's been all about avoiding the obvious, for my health I need to lose. I miss the days when I could lose five pounds over the weekend and get into the size 6 prom dress. Oh well. Sheesh.

Robin said...

I ate like I would never see food again....and I am still eating, I am ashamed to admit! I did make it through the entire holiday season with not using one single credit card...for the first time ever in my life. I did manage to get some things organized around this house, which feels fantastic!

I hope you have a wonderful 2010!


Robin :o)

SusanD said...

I seriously over ate. I over baked too, but gave most of the goodies away then stuck a few in the freezer for a treat after I shed a few pounds. I don't overspend anymore. Dave Ramsey would be proud. Blessings, SusanD

chuwie said...

holiday season had past.,but the problem is most of us gained our weight..haha..

btw happy new year!

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