Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Dozen

Random Dozen
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1. So I was thinking about how Jon Bon Jovi never seems to age much. His hair is smaller nowadays, but he still manages to look like a boy somehow. And then that made me think of the story of Dorian Gray. Question: If you physically lock in one age for yourself, which would you choose and why?
30; life was good, and so was I!

2. What is the best dish that you cook or bake (your piece de resistance?)
Chicken Fried Steak - I can make grown men cry with this!

3. When you feel blue, what is one strategy you use to help yourself back to normal?
Chocolate - and a talk with a good friend.

4. When was the last time you danced in public?
I suppose dancin' in the car to the radio wouldn't count, so it would be at my son's wedding a few years ago.

5. Do you consider yourself a realist or dreamer?
I'd like to say I'm a Dreamer,
but really I'm a Realist.

6. As a parent, what is one thing that you have done well?
Accept my children for who they are.

7. Which is your favorite character on the Andy Griffith show?
Opie, for sure.
"Awe, Pa. . ."
Love that sweet little red-haired guy who seems to have grown up
to be a wonderful husband and father & film director.  Yeay Opie!

8. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you know about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?
4  *blush*

9. Have you never been mellow? Have you never tried … to find a comfort from in side you? (Sorry, Jorge was singing that song just now, and it just seemed to be perfect timing as I was creating this week’s questions.) REAL question: What is your #1 driving pet peeve?
People who drive pass a long line of obviously waiting cars then try to "crowd" in!!  GRRRR!

10. Which color best represents your mood today? Care to elaborate?
Getting over a cold that just won't let go.

11. If your spouse were an animal, which would he/she be?
a friendly, lovable, Golden Lab puppy

12. What activity takes up the bulk of your time on an average day?
What's an "average" day???


Kim said...

Igualmente! (Which is the proper Argentinian response when someone says "Nice to meet you"). Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's always such fun to meet a fellow southern gal :-) Especially an ice tea-loving one! Another southern friend sums up how I like mine: "So sweet it hurts your teeth!" LOL

I'll be back to visit and read more! But after a full day of cleaning out the garage and storage loft, I am plumb tuckered out.

Hi, I'm Angie! said...

Gotta' love a recipe that makes a grown man cry!

How did I not think of chocolate for # 3! That's my mood-lifter of choice.

# 9 - You wouldn't like Northern VA! We have on/off ramps that allow the cheaters to speed way ahead of the stalled lanes. My son and I keep count some days as to how many cheaters there are. I'm sure our blood-pressure numbers rise in unison! :)

Have a great week.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I think I may have to ask for that chicken fried steak recipe. I would sure love to see Boo cry!

Chocolate is also my friend!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Hi there! I enjoyed all of your answers, and I answered Opie, too!

Did you know that there is a more current edition of the Random Dozen up today? You are welcome to do that one, too.

Anyway, thanks for playing!

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