Monday, January 18, 2010

Out. Out. Damn Spot!

I was raised in a fun, but very strict household.
We were never permitted to have a deck of cards.
After much soul-searching by my Mom, it was decided that we could however, play games that used dice, though a "Spinner" was much preferred...Bad language was NEVER permitted.  When I was in Jr. High School I once used the word "fart" within ear range of my mom and was sent to bed immediately  for my trangression.  Time marched on - I married and had children of my own; my Mom became a Grandma.  A loving, doting, "Best Grandma Ever"!

The kids spent a lot of time at Grandma's house.
She played games with them.
Rode Bikes with them. etc. etc.

Then one day the unexpected happened . . .

Grandma grew frustrated with something, and a curse word escaped from her lips.

As luck would have it,
one of the Grandkids heard her.
"Ahhhhhm.  Grandmaaaaa.  You said a bad word".

God bless Mom.
She had an explanation -
She had merely been reciting literature
by William Shakespeare.
"Out.  Out.  Damn Spot"

Doncha love it??


Susan said...

I do love it. I was also raised to find other ways to express myself than by "cussing". I still apologize if I say any bad words. Cute post.

Maria said...

That's funny. And quick on her tongue, lol.

Kelli said...

We were raised very much alike! :) I still don't use 'bad' words...except that I now say fart and tird/turd/terd (However you want to spell it!) to my heart's desire! I also say darn from time to time. ;)

Robin said...

LOL! I love it! I said "gosh" one time as a child and was spanked and sent to my room. Too bad those lessons didn't stick so well at times! **blush**


Robin :o)

mbkatc230 said...

What a cute post. And that was quick thinking on your mom's part. I love it - quoting Shakespeare lol. Kathy

Nezzy said...

They always seem to be listening when you flub up. I was holding Camp Grandma ( I have eight ya know) and this cow who made gettin' out her daily project was in my yard. I went out will all youngens' in tow and told the cow, "ya know the drill," and she just stood and stared at me as I was trying to drive her back where she belonged. I let out a, "will ya get back in you STUPID thing," when I felt a little tug at my hand and a small voice said, "oh Grandma Muzzie, mama doesn't allow us to stay that word!" I felt as bad sayin' the word stupid as I would of sayin' any hard core words. Which I never use anyway, I live a sheltered life here on the Ponderosa!

Ya'll have a wonderful day!


You are too funny my dear....just too funny! I don't know if I could have thought that fast.

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