Monday, August 10, 2009

Name your "Silly"!

"52 Silly Things to do
When You are Blue"

The excitement of this day is under-whelming,
but that's OK. It's these days that rank a "6"
which make the "10" days even more special.
I'm cleaning drawers - mundane, but necessary.
At the bottom of a drawer I found a card box
which I must have bought 1000 years ago,
the box is titled,
"52 Silly Things to do When You are Blue".

I'm gonna now pull four random cards from
the box. Let's see the silly suggestions
the authors have in mind for us.

Be a Tourist

EGADS! At first glance I thought
it said, "Be a terrorist". Whew!
"...Allow yourself to ...enjoy something
in your own town that,
previously you had written off."

I think I would head to the Casino Boats.
Yah, that would be a silly thing for me
to do on back-to-school week!

Favorite Music Mix
"Sort through you albums,
cassettes (these are OLD cards)
and CD's and make a tape of
your favorite music...easy-listening
and dance-til-you-drop music.

I think I could probably get
Princess to do this for me.
Wonder if there's a
"enjoy being totally lazy"
card in this deck?

Silly Skill
"Think of something you always wanted to learn how to do as a kid, like play the harmonica, do card tricks, juggle, etc. Head straight to a bookstore and find the appropriate how-to book. Then learn how to do it.

Nothing new here, as I do
that every day.
We call it, "DINNER"!

Clean a Closet
LOL "Can't believe I randomly
drew this card!" LOL
Clean out a closet or empty that junk-filled kitchen drawer. Get rid of the excess weight you've been living with by donating it all to a favorite community thrift shop.

I've already made one trip to donate
"stuff" to Goodwill today.
I'm trying to figure out how that
is silly. This one is a head-scratcher.

That's it from me to you today.
I had no idea I was being "Silly" today
cleaning out drawers.
I feel better already!

Doin' anything SILLY today?
Name it.


Susan said...

My "silly" today is practicing calligraphy. I love it that you thought it said terrorist. Too funny. What a neat find and what a co-incidence to draw the "clean a drawer" card. Cue the spooky music...

Gladys said...

I'm silly everyday. Oh and I'm also a tourist every day. Kahuna and I will pick a part of town we haven't been to before or for a long time and go exploring. It's a bit depressing these days what with all the business closings.

Casino Boats Girl where are you?

SusanD said...

My "silly" today is pushing the "try me" button on every motion toy on the end cap at WallyWorld. One time I had all the Tiggers going and thought they were going to bounce off the shelves. Needless to say, my hubby steers me away from the toy section during the holidays. hahaha Have you ever seen all the motion Santas singing & waving at the same time? hahaha Blessings, SusanD

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Oh yeah, Baby Boo and I sang silly songs while she got ready for bed. The sillier the better and the better it made me feel too.

mbkatc230 said...

My silly this weekend was counting how many 18 wheelers we could find with my 3 year old great nephew visiting from Philadelphia. He's such a boy! And we ended our silly with blue snowcones. As we were leaving, one of our local firetrucks pulled up and they let me take a picture of him sitting in the firetruck. If the look on his face didn't brighten my day, nothing would have! Kathy

Katherine Aucoin said...

Silliness belongs in every day, usually something comes up when I'm home and start goofing off with the kids.


My "silly" today was making all the stuffed animals at Wal-Mart sing at the same time. I must have pressed 15 of them. Then I walked away and watched other peoples reactions. The toy lady did not find me humorous at all! Oh well! She needs to go be a door greeter anyways.

The Retired One said...

I made a homemade raspberry pie today out of the berries we picked yesterday. Now I will gain 7 silly pounds. ha

Struggler said...

I like the sound of that card box. Sometimes, all I need is a bit of inspiration to shake me out of a rut!
The favorite music suggestion (albeit not from cassettes!) is a winner.

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