Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vacuum Sealed & Freeze Dried Memory

This syrupy sweet post contains
the equivelant of 7447 calories
so you may want to pop a Tums to guard aginst
"sugar naseau". You've been warned.

(cue up chirping birds & Kum-by-ya singers)
August is my favorite month of the entire year.
Yesterday was a perfect day in my world.
I love sunshine.
I love big sunglasses.
I love flip flops and red toenail polish.

I also love me a man with a hammer,
especially when it's MY man with
a hammer. JB maintained a wonderful
attitude as he dripped sweat while
completely his "Honey-Do" List yesterday.
How sexy is that?!

Then afterward we went out to eat some
great food. But, forget the food,
I ordered an "Italian Margarita".
Let the record show that the Italians
could teach the Mexican folks a few
things about makin' a GREAT,
EVER TASTED Margarita!!
If Princess had not been with us
I would have ordered a second,
as JB was driving and he could've
carried me to the car.
It was THAT good!!
Ever had one?
(it's served with a bit of
Ameretto on the side,
which you pour into the

Then JB & I, along with Princess
and her boyfriend, went to see
"Julie & Julia" - which is a
culinary feast for the eyes.
Granted after that great Margarita
it was all I could do to keep my
eyes open. *blush

After the movie it was time to take
Princess' boyfriend home,
and we were all thirsty . . .
so JB drove through Sonic and ordered
HUGE Rootbeer floats for each of us!
Now I ask you,
Can you think of a better way to
spend a hot Summer day??
I think not.
I've "vacuum sealed
and freeze dried"
this memory
away to be enjoyed again come
cold, gray, February.
I filed it under
"The Perfect Summer Day!".


Beverly said...

Sounds heavenly and sure beats the H-E-double hockey sticks out of MY Saturday! Like your idea of vacuum sealing and freeze drying a memory--I'll have to do that more.

Shawn said...

It sounds like the perfect summer day. How was the movie?

ChocDrop said...

Now that is the way a summer day should go.

Robin said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic day! I'm so glad you did!


Robin :o)

The Retired One said...

It does sound like one you would want to vacuum seal and freeze dry.
But after the Italian Marguerita are you sure you didn't imagine the rest???
It sounds yummy, I have to order one the next time I go out!

disa said...

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