Saturday, August 29, 2009

Got a Parka I can borrow?

This girl from the Bayou is reporting in from
This is the first time in my
life that I have ever worn a sweater in August.
These Northern people are made of tough-stuff.
I'm a Southern wuss and I sure wish I had
brought a pair of socks with me.
Can you say, ""My toes are freezin' in these
darn Flip Flops."?
What I'd give for a parka or a blanket right now!!

I'm here on a major Girl's Get-a-way.
There are 14 of us who met on iVillage.
We take an annual trip at a different location
each time we gather. There are gals in our group
from MN, GA, TX, CA, NE, SD, LA (me),
DE and IL. Yesterday was spent at the
Minnesota State Fair -
which proved to be even more crowded than
either time I've been to Disney World.
Today we spent the day at Malls of America.
I'm thinking I should have been in training for
this for the past couple of months. Getting
around the Mall is no simple feat. But I
hung tough and awarded myself by purchasing
a new pair of shoes and a couple of major
make-up splurges.

Tonight is our party night and gift exchange.
Let the wine flow - it's gonna be a great evening.

More to share when I'm back home where
it's warm and I can move my fingers again
to type.

Till then -
"Yah, it's a wonderful day in Minn-eh-so-tah!".


Robin said...

I am so jealous! It sounds like you are having a great, however cold, time!

I hope you have an even better time tonight!


Robin :o)

ChocDrop said...

Oh, that is to cold. You have to hurry home before you get stuck and frozen....lol

The Head Eagle said...

I've never been to Minn-eh-SO-tah!
Maybe that's a good thing if it gets too cold there!

P.S. My profile name and blog address changed. I tried to send you email..but couldn't find your address!

Gladys said...

How fun! Yeah I learned about being cold in August last year in Moaningtana.


I love the Mall of America. I am also a wuss...cold at anything lover than 70. Hope you have a great time....enjoy yourself....and don't buy out the mall! Watch out for their mosquitoes...they are the size of blackbirds in the south. They can carry off grown dogs. Just kidding...but they are big and vicious.

GRAMEE said...

i hope your feet don't freeze to the ground..lol!

Joycee said...

I wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying the Manhunter tapes! Have a great time and try to stay warm. We are supposed to get down to 49 tonight and Arkansas is the South!

warner_yuen said...

Hey there LAGIRL!

It was so cool to be your seat-mate on the last leg home of your iVillage meet-up! I loved reading your blog, but enjoyed meeting you and hearing about your adventure in person even more!.

BTW: I had plenty of Sweet Tea while I was in Shreveport!

Housewife Savant said...

This sounds like So Much Fun.
I'm a northern girl. Call me next time you're packing for a trip above the Mason-Dixon line. =)

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