Monday, July 27, 2009

Paradise Lost (sort of)

Good Mother I am.
Hubby and I were having a beachy time in Hawaii. . .

. . .when dh received a "911" text
from Princess, who was having a
in Guatemala
on a mission trip.

Her text: "Very sick. Want to come
home now and go to the doctor".
Be still my heart.
My child is ill in a 3rd world country.

Vomiting, diahrria, and fever, "oh my" !
We had lots of phone calls from the Youth Leader.
17 of the 37 student travelers were ill.
Princess' fever spiked to 103 at times.
By the time we picked her up from the airport.
36 hours later. she was beginning to feel better,
but still running a temperature.
I took her to the doctor today.
The bad news: She tested positive for Swine Flu.
The good news: The worst is over;
she should be completely well in 48 hours.

Nothing says "Welcome Home" quite like the Swine Flu.
Hubby and I began our Tamiflu regimen this evening.
It feels like 100 years since we were in Hawaii.



This is one of those times when you know your reality check bounced. I felt the same way when I got home from Hawaii....I asked myself daily....Did I just come back from 10 days in Hawaii?????

Beverly said...

Well, I'm glad you're back--just wish the afterglow had lasted a little longer for you! Hope everyone is better soon.

Robin said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! That is horrible! Praying that princess will be well soon and that you and DH stay WELL!!

Glad you are home!


Robin :o)

GRAMEE said...

oh so sorry! i was expecting a travel log post.. i guess not yet!...lol

ChocDrop said...

Being sick in a foreign country has got to be so scary. I am glad she is doing better.

mbkatc230 said...

Oh I bet you were just beside yourself! Glad that Princess is doing better, but that had to be scary for all of you. What a way to end your trip! Just keep looking at your pictures and telling yourself you were really there. Kathy

Susan D said...

Glad you're all home safe. Total downer about Princess & the other youth who caught the flu. Praying for them & that you don't get it. Can't wait to see those pics from your trip. Blessings, SusanD

Lynette said...

OK - sorry about princess truly!!

But, "stillmagnolia's" comment, "you know your reality check bounced" totally cracked me up!!

I do hope she is feeling better soon and that we do get to hear a little of the good parts of your trip - it could have been worse - right? Surely, it could have been worse, right, right????

MammaDucky said...

Oh my goodness! Hope she's well soon!

xinex said...

Oh no! I hope your daughter is completley well and none of you catches the swine flu....Christine

♥georgie♥ said...

OMGosh swine flu...I hope she is better soon and that the tamiflu protects you both!

momof3girls said...

how are you all feeling? I hope you all are doing well!!!

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