Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Special Day!


Today is my Dad's Birthday.
This is one of my favorite photos of him,
I think it was taken when he was 35ish.
Isn't he handsome?!

He's been gone for 2+ years now,
but he still lives on in my heart.
He would be 89 years old today.

If you still have your Dad be sure to
tell him often just how much you love him.
I did, and it's such a comfort to have no regrets.


mbkatc230 said...

He was a handsome man! Thanks for sharing this. There is nothing quite like the love we have for our daddies, is there? I was so thankful for Dixie's Wordless Wednesday theme this week so I could share pictures of my dad who passed 5 years ago. Kathy

linda said...

So handsome! I'll be seeing my step-dad this weekend and I'll give him an extra special hug!

I'm sorry for your loss...Dad's are so very special!

Robin said...

Today is a great day....it's also my 17 y.o. daughter's birthday! (My surviving triplet!) My daddy has been gone 4 years this week, and not a day goes by that I don't think about him.

Thank you for sharing!!



Mimi said...

So handsome! Thanks for the reminder to tell my dad how much he means to me!

Katherine Aucoin said...

I know how much you miss him. My Dad has been gone for 5 years now. This is a handsome photo.

Shawn said...

yes, very handsome.


He was knock down gorgeous! There is nothing like a dad...and you know how I have been struggling with the illness of mine lately. I am so glad you shared the picture. I will make sure to hug mine extra special for you on Sunday!

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