Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Girlfriend Tribute

These gals are some of my closest "forever" friends.
We go waaaay back and with each passing year they grow still closer to my heart.
Where would we be with out our GF's?

This photo was taken last weekend when I traveled to Oklahoma to connect with my "Sisters of the Heart". Since I moved from their fair town we get together each Summer. One year I drive there and the next Summer they drive to see me in Louisiana.

That's me on the left, standing next to my longtime
friend, H, who's wearing the red top. We first met
while we waited outside the kindgergarten door for our boys, many long years ago.
There's not much we haven't seen together on life's road, teenage angst, illness,
death of a child, long distance moves, etc. etc. Her enduring faith and sweet attitude
absolutely amaze and encourage me. She is a rock with a BIG heart.

The extremely TALL gal, next to H is actually my real bio sister D - though "incognito" at this photo shoot. She was with us the night before our Sat. outing, but left on Sat feeling a bit under the weather. My bio sister, D is "the Bravest, Strongest, most Courageous Woman" on planet earth. She is currently battling breast cancer enduring weekly chemo and hardly missing a beat if at all possible. I can hardly wait for the HUGE Par-tay we're gonna throw when she is through with chemo and cancer will be nothing but an ugly word from the past!!

The gal wearing the white and pink is MM.
I laugh just to think of all the places we have been and all the situations/experiences we have waded/stomped/marched through together; certainly there is enough to fill a book. You just wouldn't believe some of our stories even if I had time to share them. She is my friend of "extremes". She will admit to living a very quiet, sedate life for a while, then through a series of events she lived a very high energy, hair-raising, worry-me-to-death-at-times life, but she ALWAYS lands on her feet and I have learned to never worry about her cause she has a way of making the best out of things, REGARDLESS.

The cutie on the far right side is my young friend, MO.
It pains me to admit that I have known her since she was a very little girl for quite a long while.
She is smart.
She is a great Mom.
She married young and beat all the odds and I could burst with pride when I think of her and the great woman she has grown to be. And, I love the fact that even though she is busy she always makes our yearly get- togethers a priority!!

I am blessed to know each of these gals and to call them "Friend"!
Now, I'd love to hear about your friends.

Want toPost a tribute to
your Girlfriend(s)?
Feel free to copy & paste this
cute little graphic if you'd like.
And I'd love it if you'd give me a
mention and link back to me,
but it's totally up to you, GF!
Tell us about your
best Gal Pals.


mommabeaver25 said...

Mom sent me a link to your page. She's still learning this whole blogging. God love her, she tries! I'm glad you all had fun! maybe if I'm lucky, when my kids get a little bit older I can join you all on a trip.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll looks Great! It's so great to have friends who love you. I have so many friends who are Special to me too! Thanks for sharing...Thank for stopping by...I going over to see your Pink Saturday...catching up my blogging. I'm sorry I didn't come visit when I got back from tubing...Ohhh..I was hurting with sunburns. But better now. Have a wonderful week Katherinellen

Susan said...

What great pictures. Since I am always at my art table have a blast creating, I usually stay close to home, but when I do go out to do fun things "with the girls"...I go with my hubby. We have pretty much been inseparable for over twenty years. He is the best girl friend ever.

Me said...

Good friends truly are priceless!

The Retired One said...

I do the same thing! Every last weekend in July, 8 of my bff's fro childhood come to our house on the lake for a reunion! We have "themes" for the reunions...this year it will be Pirate Weekend. We have a costume contest...go to the local art fair...it is my fav weekend of the whole year...we all are like teens again and love on each other and have a pajama party. One poor husband comes and goes fishing with my hubby so we get the house to ourselves...can't wait every year!

linda said...

So glad you had such a wonderful time with your sweet girlfriends...yep, girlfriends are the best aren't they!?!

This has been a hard year for me as far as my girlfriends go. One of my very best friends moved away this past Christmas and it just broke my heart. Also, another best friend from work changed jobs and we don't get to see much of each other these days. The 3 of us girls were best buds. I'm thinking a yearly weekend girls getaway for us needs to be planned!

momof3girls said...

look at all you sexy young things! Having fun connecting with each other! What a blessing real friends are!!!

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