Friday, June 19, 2009

Entirely Random!


I am going to ramble,
which is why today's Post is
entitled "entirely random" -

eyebrows Pictures, Images and Photos
I spent 2 hours this morning de-hairing
my body,
which I know is of great interest
to everyone on the planet.

My Mom always said one had LESS hair as
one aged.
"Mom, you missed it on this one!".
I painfully waxed both eyebrows, my upper lip
and my chin. Geesh!
But, "No" this time I did not
wax my nose hair.
I have learned from past mistakes not to do that.
Instead I used the little hand-held
Nose Hair Zapper which pulls them out by
the root - what it missed I finished up with
tweezers. *%&#!!
Then I smeared my face with Benedryl,
followed by Antibiotic Cream...
THEN I put on my makeup which promptly
slid off my face...Oh well, now I'm BOOtiful,
as the granddolls say.
Beautiful these days means,
Know what I mean?!

Played Solataire last night in the wee hours (insomnia)
and won two games in a row!

PhotobucketPrincess is still priming
her bedroom walls. I went in while ago
and there she was perched
on a ladder "priming away"
with not a thing between her and the carpet.
She seemed quite indignant when I brought
that to her attention,
reacting as though I was quite unreasonable
and anal. Imangine that!

One more thing -
"I told you this was random".
Want to try something new?
Try a Wine-a-rita!
Mix your favorite red wine with 7-up.
(2/3 red wine to 1/3 7-UP)
Freeze overnight, then scoop out with an
ice cream scoop.
Now you've got some slushy,
Wine-a-rita Goodness! Yummy!
NO, I've not had one today.

I'm out the door to the store now,
no bra - it's too hot.
Folks are just gonna have to
Deal with it!"!
I'm thinkin' my
itty bittie t____'s are my business!!



ChocDrop said...

I am thinking that wine-A-rita sounds hella good. Might try it tomorrow for a small get together.

Robin said...

Oh. My. Goodnes! You have me laughing hysterically! My son thinks I am NUTS right about now! I'm with you about the de-hairing thing....except it takes MUCH longer than 2 hours for me...UGH!

This post really made my day!

Thanks for sharing!!


Robin ;o)


Hummmm...that wine-a-rita sounds right tasty. It is hot as blue blazes outside and a little frozen treat would be great. Wonder how many calories it has in it? I will have to consult my calorie book and find out...might be worth missing a meal....or two for. Have a great weekend! Loved the post you are so funny.

Debbie said...

You are a riot! Would that winearita work with white wine?

pam said...

Ha!!! I hardly wear a bra anymore. Who cares??

Glad you got that job finished up!!

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