Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Princess and the "P" (parent)

This is Princess, our resident 14 yr old.
This is her goofy, Rocker Chick pose.
Don't you wish she lived with you?

She's actually a typical 14 yr old girl,
no tatoos,
no weird piercings -
just a bit of an attitude at times.

I'm gonna blog about TODAY because it was a day I want to remember....Princess chose to go with me to run errands and we had a GREAT TIME!
She was funny.
She was sweet.
She was pleasant to be with.
I'm thinking the moon must have been perfectly aligned with some planet and her hormones must have been at low tide - the makings for a perfect day. We laughed and talked our way through my "to do" list and came home with our errands complete and our dispositions still intact.

It must have something to do with
Summer sunshine and good fresh air.
I'm breathing deeply today.


Sher said...

Isn't it nice with the planet's align and you can get along with your kids? My oldest is only 7, but she's got all the angst of a 17 year old. And I can only imagine what I'm in for in the new 7-10 years.

ChocDrop said...

At that age you have to enjoy every little moment that they 'grace' us parents with.

Susan D said...

So happy for the precious time spend with your daughter. I love days like that. They are too few since my princess lives on her own. Blessings, SusanD

Beverly said...

Thank goodness for days like this--we can recall them when that same teen is having a meltdown! Those memories may just mean the difference between life and death.

The Rambler said...

So glad that the planets and moon were aligned just right for a good day with the kid :)

Susan said...

What a thoroughly marvelous day. I remember days like this when I was that age and I'll bet she will to. Such a great picture, she rocks!

Brigid said...

"Princess" is a great kid.

Me said...

Enjoy it while it lasts! I can only imagine they are far and few between.

pam said...

She is a beautiful girl. Isn't it nice to have a peaceful moment with your child:)

Anonymous said...

She is Cute! I am happy ya'll had a great mother and daughter time....Hope its stay that way... Smiles and Hugs Katherinellen

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