Monday, May 11, 2009



This movie is about a guy whose life didn't quite turn out how he wanted it to and wishes he could go back to high school and change it. He wakes up one day and is seventeen again and gets the chance to rewrite his life.

I've seen this movie,
and it's given me something to think about.

Rewrite your life at 17 ?
1.  If you could do this, would you?
2.  What were you like at 17?
3.  What would you change?

Is there ONE among us who wouldn't want a "do-over" for at least a tiny portion of their life at 17?


Beverly said...

First, I had disabled comments over the weekend--guess I wanted to bask in my wallowing for a while.

Second, Darrell says if I save him any more money, we'll wind up in the poor house!

Third, if I could go back to age 17 I would in a heartbeat--but only if I could know then what I know now. And I would change almost everything! Except marrying Darrell--I did that about 3 weeks before I turned 18! Probably the best decision of my life.

Holly said...

I'm not sure I would go back. On the one hand, I've been in a mild mid-life crisis for the last couple years and can't believe how fast time has flown. On the other hand, I think my life overall is much better now...so I guess that's a good thing!


I think I would like to go back. I would change some choices....Jim, first beau, would be a no-go....I would like to tell him where he can shove himself. I would still be a flower child...I loved that part of my life...I would be a serious writer....not a coffee house, finger clicking, want to be...I would have taken the opportunity to go to Juliard...ooops...wait...maybe not...then I never would have married Kat's dad....and had Kat....that would be sad. I would like to fix some mistakes...and right some wrongs...good post...made me think.

Amy said...

Yep, I would so go back and change so many things. If I had the wisdom at 17 that I do now, so many things would be different. I would try more, not be so caught up in what was the 'right' or 'proper' thing to do, I would follow my heart.

SO said...

Wow. 17 was a big year for me and I made some pretty heavy decisions. I don't know if I would want to go back. That's kind of a scary thought. I had some MAJOR crossroads that I came to then. I broke up with a boyfriend whom, I am pretty sure was waiting until I graduated to ask me to marry him. I got a scholarship to college when I actually wanted to go and be a nanny.

I don't think I would want to go back.

Me said...

I wouldn't. My 16th and 17th year were THE MOST difficult times in my life. But, I wouldn't be who I am, where I am if the events that took place hadn't..so I wouldn't change a thing!

Mimi said...

I guess there are parts of that carefree time that I would enjoy revisiting, I've been thru too much life crap & pain to get where I am. I would't want to start over.

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