Friday, May 8, 2009

Life on the Bayou

Today is Living Room Friday on Kelly's Korner.
What fun!.
*note: I had to "scrunch my photos
because of the layout on my blog."

Life on the Bayou -

Please come in and have a seat
while I pour us up a big cold
glass of Sweet Tay. 'kay?

This is our living room, all decked out for Summer.
The walls are Sage Green, tho it doesn't show up in the photo.

Photobucket ,

This little area is across from the sofa and next to our giant blackhole TV (which I love almost as much as my husband and children), but I'm not gonna show it to you. No one sits in these chairs unless we have guests, as you can't view the blackhole well from this vantage point...Notice the photos above the chairs -

"Way back, when I was a kid. . ."
I grew up learning to read from the infamous "Dick and Jane" readers. I have fond memories of that time so I took photos from the reader and framed them. I love them, but Princess finds it embarassing to have the word, "Dick" on the living room wall.
I tell her to "get over it".

This is my Curio cabinet,
at the front end of the living room.
I love the Curio but have always found it difficult
to arrange the items in it. . .You get a little peek of the entryway in this photo.


This is the opposite end of the room.
When we moved in the fireplace was white,
like all the molding in the house.
I refinished it to this black color.
It was a fun, easy project.
I was pleased with the result...
The chair and footstool are referred to in our house
as "Mom's Nest". This is where I hang, when I'm
not doing important things like Blogging, eating,
shopping, etc. Note my Leopard throw I bought for myself,
and the placement of the "remote".


Now I am showing you the sacred, somewhat hidden area we call "no man's land", cause this is "Kramer's bed/pillow". Kramer is my 14 yr old co-dependent Cockapoo. This is where he hangs when he is not doing other important things like, eating treats, peeing in the flower beds, or pestering Princess.

Thanks for stopping by.
Ya'll come back now.
Ya' hear?!


Mimi said...

Love the mom's nest! Kramer looks so sweet in his little area!

Joycee said...

Lovely! Vocabulary has changed so much, Dick was a name, Coke was a drink and we ate Blackberry's! I love the Mary Englebreit kids and have those framed. It's all about us, well until Mother's Day is over! Have a wonderful weekend...
joy c. at grannymountain

B said...

Sucker! Now that you got me sitting in that awesome room you'll never get my butt out of the chair. *enter evil laugh here*. It's gorgeous. Inspires me NOT to post pictures of my own plain, boring house, ever.

Rachel said...

Laughing my face off at the one who is mortified by "Dick" being in the living room!

Beverly said...

Beautiful! If I had tried to imagine your living room, I would have come up with something so cozy and comfortable as this--suits you to a "tea".

Jenny said...

Very nice! I like how you framed the Dick & Jane pictures.

MammaDucky said...

Did you know our little nook in the world will be the featured location for Disney's newest princess movie?! Eeeep! I'm so excited!

Kimmy said...

What a lovely room!! Love the "Dick & Jane" picks! What a great idea :o)

SO said...

Those Dick and Jane prints are very cool! What a lovely living room you have.

Robin said...

GORGEOUS LIVING ROOM!! I just love it!

The framed Dick and Jane prints are just adorable...I may have to borrow that idea myself!

I can't wait to see the rest of your house!


Robin :o)

Connie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying "hi". Your Dick and Jane prints are priceless. I love the picture of the children at the beach above the fireplace too. Fun seeing your house and now I'm gonna go drink me some sweet tay!


The Rambler said...

I'll pass on the hubby's gas BUT loved the fact that your daughter is blushing at the Dick Photo on the wall.


thedomesticfringe said...

Great living room!


Debbie said...

Love, love, love the book illustration photos. I am going to have to copy that idea. Hope you don't mind.

mbkatc230 said...

Beautiful living room! I love your "nest". I really like the framed book illustrations, and like everyone else, it cracks me up that Princess doesn't want the word Dick on the wall. That's just too funny. Kathy

Carrie and David said...

I love your living room! Beautiful!

Trudy said...

What a lovely home! I think you did a fabulous job on that fireplace...it's gorgeous! I could easily settle in for a nice cup of sweet tay with you!

Also love the Dick and Jane pictures...how fun!

Kay said...

You have a very lovely home. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

momof3girls said...

hi! I thought you would want to know that Facebook has a new application called "networked blogs" that list blogs that the users of facebook follow - I signed your blog up for the directory and signed up as a follower - I thought you might want to know. I hope you had a nice Mother's day weekend!

Ted A. Brooks said...

Oh how fun it was to read your blog. It made me laugh thinking about my little puppies who have their spots in the house. And you make me want some sweet tea (grin).
Angel Blessings

Lauren said...

I love your site!! So cute and welcoming -- and I love that song so much! I'm going to follow you and try to "surf" around alittle to see just what else you've got going on. Have a great day in the Bayou!

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