Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Remember Mom

Mother's Day is Sunday!
Have you shopped for your Mom yet?

I shopped and placed her gift & card in the mail yesterday.
I bought her a bottle (sure hope it doesn't break, enroute) of
one of my favorite perfumes, "Cool Water for Women".
I also enclosed a Lindt Truffle Candy bar (Mmmmmm Good!), along with her card.

THEN - dum-de-dum-dum
last night
I heard the last part of a newscast saying that some
Lindt chocolates had been recalled.

Have YOU seen or heard anything about this???
I certainly don't want to poison Mom.
That wouldn't be very nice, now would it?
I googled "Lindt candy recall" this morning, but saw nothing
that referenced the recall.

So you may want to forego the Lindt Chocolates if you're gifted with some for Mother's Day.
Any special plans for the day?

Guess I'll have to call Mom and WARN her,
her gift is in the mail.


Joy Tilton said...

Oh no! That's my favorite candy, is nothing safe anymore???

Me (aka Danielle) said...

Oops! Hopefully it's all a misunderstanding!

Angela Tolsma said...

that's crazy! I sure hope they haven't been recalled... i couldn't find anything

Handsome's wife said...

Thanks for that. I needed a good laugh.

B said...

I'm not shopping for my mother. Like each year I am making her gift. If she ever comes to get it she'll know what it is. A swift kick in the @$$. Think she'll like it or do you think I should pick up some of those chocolates?

Kat said...

Yikes! What a horrible thing, recalling chocolate. Is nothing sacred? Lettuce I can live without, chocolate not so much lol. Hopefully it won't affect the candy you sent your mom. Kathy

Marci said...

You have a lovely blog! So glad I stumbled upon it~

Katherine Roberts Aucoin said...

I hand;t heard about the candy. i got my mom's and my MIL's gist outyesterday. How I wish I could spend the day with her.


I have the card...it says Happy Mum's day...I bought it in Wales back in March. It was Mother's Day while I was there. I thought she would get a kick out of the Mum thing....gift...not sure yet...Frank is cooking lunch for us both....probably will buy her a flowering plant...she loves them...and she does not need anything....but the chocolate idea was handy too...she has a sweet tooth like you would not believe.

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

I had not heard this, but nothing surprises me anymore. There are way too many recalls!

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