Friday, May 15, 2009


I did it.
I fell.
And, I fell hard when I did.
Where is my shame?
Where is my remorse?
Truthfully, I had none, until this morning,
in the light of day, but it lasted for just a
moment. It's a hard HIT when you
take a fall from a
"Four Week Diet Wagon".

Pulling Hair Out Pictures, Images and Photos
The beginning of the fall came last night
around 9:00. First it was the tiniest twinge of
"I want a little something".
I ignored it.

Then, about 9:30 the twinge increased and
spoke a little louder.
"I NEED something!"
"I can't hear you" was my reply.

This intensified and by 11:00 I succumbed to my growling gut, and while the rest of the house was alseep I prowled the kitchen looking for a fix for my sweet tooth. Everything was a possibility and there was no turning back at this point.

I was soooooo HUNGRY!!
I needed "something", but just what that something was,
I wasn't sure of. . .
Being well-disciplined and totally in control,
I ignored these impulses.

I tried this -

Nooooo. Not quite what I was wanting.

Next I tried -

No. That's wasn't it either.

Maybe this.
A bite of this usually calms my sweet tooth.
Nope. No magic in this tonight.

*This is where Kenny G music begins to play
and a satisfying calm envelopes the room.

Sweet satisfaction at last.
I ate one of these (just one, I promise)
then went to bed and slept dreamily.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yes, I know it was a binge and I fell hard.
But I'm back on that darn wagon today.
(only 20 days til I'm on the beach!)


B said...

At least you only ate a skinny cow, you could have eaten a fat cow, and those go straight to the butt and hips zone.

xinex said...

Lol, maybe one skinny cow won't hurt. Good luck on more will power!...Christine

ChocDrop said...

I think you did good. Sometimes you just have to satisfy the urge....and it wasn't a real bad one. It was at least low fat and yada yada yada.....
Four weeks is great. Maybe next time it will be longer..

Beverly said...

At least you just ate one Skinny Cow. I bought some of those once at the beginning of my shopping trip--not realizing how quickly they start to melt. My daughter and I had to eat them all on the way home! They were dripping all over the place!

p.s. I see you visited Lauren--isn't she a doll? Even if she won't find out what sex her baby is!

Susan D said...

I love me some Skinny Cow. Especially the chocolate ones. :) Blessings, SusanD

Beverly said...

Shana is my oldest daughter who passed away unexpectedly. I put a link on the post. Thanks for your sweet comments.

ChocDrop said...

BTW, I tagged you!!

Sue said...

Ok, Am I out of the loop, or what? I don't know what a skinny cow is! Apparently, from the comment from
Beverly, it is some sort of frozen treat? Thanks for the visit and the sign on as a follower; I will be back to visit you, too. My cold is better, but am still coughing like a fiend. I get home tomorrow night, if driving goes well. Then it's off to the doc to see if I have bronchitis- my diagnosis! It's hard not to sound like a swine flu carrier when I hack- and I hope everytime I check into a hotel they don't think I'm going to infect everyone! LOL :-)Sue

Lisa said...

I just saw you on the SITS roll call and clicked to see your blog...I really like your sense of humor!!
Just take one day at a time...and all the skinny cows you want!!
Just kidding, you are doing great!
Check out my blog when you get a chance!

Jill of All Trades said...

I HATE doing the "D" word. In fact I refuse to do it anymore. Just makes me very, very nuts. Hey, where'd you get those skinny cow things. I'm going to have to hang out at the ice cream section again.

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