Sunday, May 3, 2009

Feelin' kinda Nosey

Forgive me, but I'm feeling a bit
nosey today. . .
I think it's just a girl "thang",

"Do you just love to see inside peoples homes???"

Please say YES
or I'm gonna at the very least need therapy,
and if that doesn't work then maybe a jail cell...but still, I'd want to know what the therapist office looked like or just how far apart the jail bars were and exactly what the grafitti on the walls said.
I simply have a need "to know". . .
So tell me,
1. Do you decorate your home for each season?
If so, in what way?

2. Do you rearrange your furniture occasionally?

3. What's on your Coffee Table right now?

BTW, if you share my passion for seeing how other people live then you'll want to check out Kelly's Corner.
You can go there and legally window peek
see the kitchen of many Bloggers
who have shared their kitchen photos.

**Lots of great decorating ideas and inspiration.**
PhotobucketIt was like Christmas when I found Kelly's Blog
and I spent half a day browsing.
(but if you tell my husband I'll deny it)

Don't even think about going to Kelly's blog until you've answered my questions in a comment.
"Don't make me have to come to your house and peek through your windows!"


Robin said...

My kitchen is number 6 (I think) on Kelly's Links under "Robin"! The rest of my house is an unfinished wreck, however! After building, we have been COMPLETELY out of money, so nothing is finished or decorated (other than my kid's rooms)
I HOPE to decorate for the seasons....lol!


Robin :o)

Jill of All Trades said...

I'm here, I'm here. I used to decorate for seasons but since the kiddos are gone I don't. I do good lately to do Christmas lately. As far as furniture moving I haven't done that since we were first married. I tend to leave it in the same place for YEARS! Sometimes though I will rearrange my shelves that highlight my knick-knacks or pictures.


Yes...I love looking into other peoples homes.....it gives me ideas...makes me feel bad....delights me...all kinds of emotions run through me. I love Extreme HOme Makeover...Trading Spaces...etc...I love to see what people can do with what they have....what can I say.

Xazmin said...

I don't have a coffee table!

I do like to rearange my furniture, but it's hard because we have a fireplace that takes up one wall. It makes it really annoying to never be able to move anything over there!

I do try to change my decor for different season's and holidays, but sometimes I'm a slacker and don't get around to it!

Except Christmas. LOVE Christmas...go all out and make my home a winter wonderland!

Kat said...

Hi there! I don't decorate for the seasons much, mainly due to a lack of storage space. Except for Christmas of course. I'm starting redecorating darling daughter's room as a guest room, so there is ALOT of furniture moving going on right now. We don't change the placement much in the living room due to some strange doorway and wall arrangements. Please don't peek into my windows right now, the house is a wreck. On the coffee tablet at the moment is my laptop (so I can talk to you!), 4 books, and my grocery list that I'm trying to ignore lol. Kathy

Angela Tolsma said...

1. Do you decorate your home for each season?
I would totally LOVE to do this! I haven't yet because I am still settling in! I also think I will decorate more for each season once I have the correct furniture and not just an ugly old couch. Instead of buying decorations at the moment I am saving for new couches, etc

2. Do you rearrange your furniture occasionally?
I use to do it monthly or weekly depending on my mood. Mr won't let me do it as much because of all the cords for the computer stuff. Plus I really like how we have it. So we rearrange every 3 months or so until we find something that works.

3. What's on your Coffee Table right now?
:( no coffee table. so sad living room is not big enough

I love Kelly's Corner!! So fun!

Robbie said...

Oh yes, I love to see how others decorate in their homes! I'm not exactly creative so it gives me ideas and inspiration. I do it up for Christmas and manage to put out a few things for other holidays. I move my furniture more often than I should admit to! Not just in my living room either, I move the family room and all the bedrooms...heck I even move my benches and patio furniture on both decks! My coffee table is actually my cedar chest, I have a picture of my kids and a couple of candles on it. Now, off to check out a new blog! :)

Mimi said...

We only decorate for Chritmas & Halloween.

I don't rearrange my furniture because we live in a small bungaloo type house, so there aren't many options.

I don't have a coffee table.

Off to check out the other blog!

Unknown said...

We usually just decorate for Christmas, though sometimes I do a little something for other holidays.

Instead of counting sheep, I rearrange my furniture--in my head, of course. Once I find an arrangement that works, I don't change it much--though sometimes I get tired of it and want to.

Right now, my coffee table is a playground for visiting grandchildren. It's a solid wood oval and perfect for spinning on one's stomach. Provided you're less than 3 feet tall. When the curtain climbers aren't here, the table sports a lovely carved wooden plate from Yugoslavia.

Now I'm off to visit Kelly...

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I love getting a peak into others homes. I like to see if their personalities match their decor (from what I know of them).

I tend to move furniture..a lot. I like that kind of change. I don't currently have a coffee table (because my little ones decided it made a good dance floor). When it was around, I kept the remote and whatever book I was reading on it. I am horrible about decorating for the seasons. I want to, I like to..I just don't have the time or resources sometimes.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Yes, I think it definitely is a girl thang, and not just for a few. Almost all the women I know LOVE seeing houses, etc.

As for decorating for each season, no way, no how. I would LOVE to, but I don't have the energy, and am too disorganized. Sadly.

We rarely rearrange the furniture because our rooms are such that the furniture only works a couple of ways, and my husband is very anal and it would be much more work than it's worth.

I don't have a coffee table. Oh wait, we do, but we don't use it as such...on it stands our guinea pig cage, which is huge.

Susan said...

I love to look at pictures of other peoples' homes, but I'm not usually comfortable there in person. I know, I'm weird. We eat in front of our TV, so I have a salt and pepper set on my coffee table. I do tend to decorate for each season, even though no one sees it but us. I don't rearrange furniture, never really have. Can I go now? Bye, Susan

Joyful said...

Absolutely! So I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. I will show this to my husband as proof that, yes, people CAN see him when he is walking through the house in his underwear at night with all the blinds open.

Decorating - yes, I move the furniture around, as well as pictures, and anything else that could possibly be moved.

Seasonal - not so much. I have a few little knick-knacks I place for holidays, but really only decorate for Christmas.

Coffee Table - A cool tray with books about the places I have or want to visit - and a ring of bottle caps that my kids made at a festival last week. (and oftentimes, a cup of tea!)

B said...

I seriously am in love with checking out people's homes. I'll openly admit (but only to you girl) that I will look through windows while I am on evening runs or walks during the summer. Dark out, lights inside, open windows. It's the perfect time to sneak a peek for people like us who have issues.

1. Do you decorate your home for each season? NO WAY!

2. Do you rearrange your furniture occasionally? Sometimes. I get to bored otherwise.

3. What's on your Coffee Table right now? I don't own a coffee table. Is that strange?

But let's face it. I'm not much of a decorator.

Handsome's wife said...

1. Do you decorate your home for each season?
Yes, I decorate the 1st day of the month that holiday/season occurs.

2. Do you rearrange your furniture occasionally? NEVER!

3. What's on your Coffee Table right now? I don't own a coffee table. They only collect dust and clutter. I don't need any more clutter or dust!

Just SO said...

I love seeing other people's houses.

I do try to decorate a little bit for each season. I would decorate more but I have little to no storage space.

I belong to the charter group of FRA (furniture re-arrangers anonymous.) I used to move my furniture once a month but now I do it quarterly.

And right now I only have clutter on my coffee table. It's downstairs where most people don't venture.

Oh and I checked out that site! I couldn't believe how many people were playing along! It was fun to go through and see some of the amazing kitchens.

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

I am definitely into the peep in drive by (or walk by) lol! I am definitely a seasonal decorator!


Hey girl! I have a giveaway going on through Weds. at 9 our time. Stop by and enter...it is in honor of my 200th post.

Linda said...

You're feelin' kinda nosey...that's right up my alley. I'm a nosey kinda gal!

Even though my kids are in college and not at home, I do decorate for the holidays...all of them!

Nope, I don't move furniture around. Generally once I put something somewhere, it's there to stay.

I do have a few things on my coffee table...a stack of books, a pretty blue and white bowl (usually filled with lemons or something pretty), and a decorative box. Nothing fancy, just my little treasures.

The Retired One said...

Thanks so much for becoming my latest Follower!! I have added on as a Follower to your blog too.
Now to your questions:

1. On my coffee table is a brass tray that holds a humungous candle.
2. On my kitchen table is a vase holding 3 fresh roses.
3. I love looking at other's homes and interior decorating, so yes, I am nosey too. I probably would have been happy being an interior decorator OR a real estate salesperson, just so I could see other's homes!

Unknown said...

1. Do you decorate your home for each season? Only for Christmas and sometimes the fall.
If so, in what way? I have snowmen and the usual Christmas decorations and for the fall, autumn leaves and pumpkins and gourds.

2. Do you rearrange your furniture occasionally? Not always. Sometimes.

3. What's on your Coffee Table right now? a bowl with decorative balls and a shakur (musical instrument.

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