Friday, February 6, 2009

I got "none" dust!

Zip. Zero. Zilch. None. Nada. Nil.
That's how much dust you can find in my house
at this very moment.
Don't believe me, huh?
Then just grab your white gloves and scoot right on over to check it out yourself.

Company's comin' for dinner tomorrow night
so I've put myself into gear & put a "Martha Stewart Shine" on everything I own. Ok, Ok, even put the shine on a few things I'm still paying for. . .
It's just dinner for a few good friends (& their husbands),
not a photo shoot,
but for some reason I mentally can't differentiate
between the two. . .
Cleaning is in my DNA;
which makes it completely my Mother's fault!
(Don't you just love it when you can blame yet
another thing upon your hardworking,
all-sacrificing Mom.??)

We'll laugh.
We'll talk.
We'll eat.
And no one will notice or even care
about the absence of dust.

** Sooooo, why do we do this to ourself? **


Unknown said...

I was thinking the exact same thing this morning. I want the house to be perfect before I can have anyone over. And I have to be showered, dressed, and made up, too. Why do we want people to think we're perfect? Who needs the pressure?

We are having some old friends visit from Idaho in March. They've never been to our house before, but I've been to theirs and ours is nothing like what they're used to! I don't even want them to come--did I just say that out loud? I'm so nervous about having them stay with us that I'm a wreck. My husband says they're coming to see us, not the house, but we know he's a man--what does he know!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. And for wanting to be a follower. You're the first to ask! I added the gadget (after asking my daughter how to do it. Very techo stupid here.) I feel so special. And validated. Do I sound like Sally Fields?

My daughter is in Baton Rouge while her hubby attends LSU. Small world.

mama's smitten said...

You know it seem that when I don't clean up is when I get visitors so to heck with it!!! LOL My friend once told me if you want to visit me come on over anytime. If you want to visit my house make an appointment!

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

I am gettin the old shine on today myself..yuck...I know I'll will be loving it when it's done...I just feel lazy when it rains...(and it only rains like 3x per year here in AZ...and today is one of those days..)

Handsome's wife said...

I'm the same way and yes, I blame my mother too! LOL


Can you come and do mine? I wish I understood....I clean before I let someone come in and clean my house. Why is that? Why can't I just have people over and know that they are not going to pull out the white gloves and see if I have been lax in my cleaning responsibilities....and on that note....who died and made it MY responsibility?

Unknown said...

well my house is full of dust i so stink at house keeping

Anonymous said...

I am SO envious! I want cleaning in my DNA too!

Lori said...

Hi, I found you through Mama's smitten....
I to have cleaning in my DNA, and I blame my mom it is all of her fault... I can't stand for my house to be dirty...LOL

Hey, I'm originally from BR now live in NC.

Me (aka Danielle) said...

My house is covered in dust....do you dust others peoples stuff?

queenbee4 said...

yeah.... I got nothing.... I have no idea why we do this. No one even cares!

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