Wednesday, December 17, 2008

L is for lagirl

Today I spent a bit of time stalking other Bloggers just to see what was goin' on in Blogland. I came across a Blog that is new to me, but well-known to others, "Cinnamon & Honey". I loved her idea -

"Using the first letter of your real name or your blog name,
list ten favorite things. Easy enough, right?"

I decided to give it a try, using "L" for lagirl. Duh! *smile
1. Loot
Hope Santa brings me lots of it!

2. Love
Couldn't we all use a bit more of this?!

3. Lipstick
It's my obcession. I cannot pass the makeup counter without buying a
new one.

4. Loss of poundage
I'd love to lose my 10 lb "muffin top".
(It pains me to even admit this. Ouch!)

5. Laughter
The best medicine in the world and my favorite pass-time.

6. Lime Pie aka Key Lime Pie (I know, I'm stretching it on this one.)
Oh-so-good, and the reason for #4!

7. Loreal, Excellence Hair Color. Light Brown, #6
Another, "have to have it".
I stockpile it when it goes on sale.

8. "Lonestar"
If you're not familiar with their music check them out.
You're in for a treat!! You can thank me later!

9. "Lipton Mixed Berry Diet Green Tea"
I'm not a water drinker, so I drink this instead.
The liquid of my life.

10. Liver? nah.
Luggage? not really.
Livestock? "excuse me!"
Liposuction? way to scarey.
I'm stumped!
Can you suggest something I can add to complete my list?

edited to add:
I've got it -
10. Louisiana!
Gladys asked me (in her comment) about
which part of the state I lived in. Then the
"light" came on & I was reminded of just
how much I LOVE Louisiana! Ta Dah!!


Anonymous said...

I've got a muffin top too...it's a terrible thing, but that's what New Year's resolutions are made for. Don't worry about it right now. :)
Thanks for stopping by the domestic fringe. Hope you come back real soon.

Gladys said...

My Muffin Top has turned into a full fledged bread basket.

Your too cute! I love your puppies where in Loozeranna do you hail from North or South? I lived there for about 10 years. I don't miss it except when it's crawfish season.;)

Oh and why can't DQ get it right? Cause they aren't Sonic that's why!

Katherine Roberts Aucoin said...

That is too cute! I enjoyed the read.

Unknown said...

Cool meme - I may steal it.

Thanks for stopping by. I will gladly follow you, you desperate woman you.

Here's another blog you may enjoy:
She is also a Louisian. If you have trouble with that address, she is on my blogroll - as Stuck in the sticks obviously (lol).

Unknown said...

well TY for the Bday wishes and I am now following you...isnt it great to have stalkers? LOL

Unknown said...

Hi I saw you at Georgie's begging for company, so here I am!

Debbie said...

That muffin top really ticks me off. Why, oh why, does my butt have to sag plus I get the muffin top. Where is the fairness?

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