Thursday, December 18, 2008


I've been thinking about just that, "mistakes".
I've come to realize that mistakes actually fall into two categories:
those I make, and those others make. I'm far more merciful about the first, and not so much about the latter.

I went to the dentist to have the Permanent Crown set on a tooth.
He did the procedure, charged me what I once paid for my first car, and told me to come back in 3 wks. At such time he would remove the Temporary Crown and put the Permanent Crown into place...Fast forward to 5 weeks later, when the Permanent Crown actually came back from the lab. . .
I returned to the dentist.
The nurse tried to remove the Temporary Crown, but it didn't budge.
The dentist entered and tried the same.
The Temporary Crown had settled well into my gum (after 5 wks) and didn't want to leave. So the dentist gave me a BIG HONKER SHOT to numb the gum. As he waited for the novacaine to do it's magic, I heard him say, "Oh Dear." He then showed me the Permanent Crown; it is of a lovely Banana Yellow hue. "The lab has sent us the wrong Crown." he said.

"Someone" had made a BIG mistake, so I left with a fat lip and no Permanent Crown.
I was so ticked!
It seems mistake after mistake after mistake has been made.
I waited 5 weeks for this Crown, after being told it would only
be 3 weeks. Then, I needlessly received a BIG needle into my oh-so-delicate-sweet-baby-pink gums. (yes, I exagerate a bit.) Then, I'm out the time for the appointment during these extremely busy days before Christmas. And who knows how long I'll wait now with the Christmas/New Year holiday upon us. ?????

Can't people just do their job and get things right?
Is everyone so poorly trained or so given to sloppy work that a person never gets what they pay for? So, I must suffer because of the mistakes of others.
Then, my mind did the virtual "V-8 slap" inside my head, and I was reminded of a day, many years ago, when a neighbor hired me to make a birthday cake for her young son, "Brian"...I worked all day on that cake to proudly present her with a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, just as she had specified. Amidst the clown & balloon that I had placed on the cake were my words, written in red butter cream frosting -
"Happy Birthday Brain"

Guess we all make mistakes.


Debbie said...

Hi! I saw your comment on another blog about wanting to make some friends so I came by to say hi. I am sorry you went through this with your tooth. That is criminal.

Handsome's wife said...

I hear ya. I can be a little critical of others mistakes too. I don't like the dentist at all so I would have been very ticked off!
I hope it all goes well next time.

Tiffany said...

Hi neighbor! I'm in Southeast LA. In the middle of nowhere. LOL

And I went to get a cavity filled one time and they dripped liquid in my eye. My eye was messed up for a few days. I have no idea what it was. LOL Probably poison. haha

Anonymous said...

That cake story is the best! Sorry you're still having dental troubles. It's generally a good idea to stay far away from dentists.

J'Ollie Primitives said...

OW! Don't ya hate it when a (ahem) professional says, "OH DEAR" especially when you are at their freaking mercy??? My gums are shaking in their boots at the thought of a shot ~ OW!

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