Friday, February 26, 2016

Does this surprise you?

I'm getting ready to make a big decision.
Actually, I've made the decision but am having problems making it a reality.  I.WANT.A.DOG.  Our last little dog (Schnauzer mix )went with Little MaMa when she got married last year.  She and our "Boudxy" had a special bond so she wanted him to live with her..  The good part is that we still get to visit and though he loves the activity of her busy household he's always happy to see us when we visit.  All the dogs I've ever owned have been rescue dogs.  I love the thought and they make great pets, but much to my naive surprise, it's very hard to rescue a dog these days.  

I went to the local animal shelter to find it filled primarily with boxers and pit bulls. It was a sad place because you and I both know that most of those breeds are not gonna find homes. There was row after row of  kennels filled with large, barking, dogs.  As I made my way through the large room of kennels I prayed all the doors were securely latched. It was actually quite intimidating. 

 I'm looking for a little house dog of some type, a small mutt would be just perfect.  When I inquired about them I was told that "they" went to specialty rescue organizations when they were found.

I've lost track of how many "applications to adopt" I've filled out for specialty rescue groups, humane associations, and various community shelters. Unless you've filled one out recently you won't believe all the questions they want you to answer.  I understand needing to know the basics but some of the questions are really invasive.  It seems there are more adopt-ers than adopt-ees. 

Does this surprise you?  
It does me.

So, dog-gone-it,
I guess there's nothing more to do than wait


marejohn said...

Oh no!! I've wondered why I had t seen Boudxy in pix but was afraid to ask!!! It's quite the ordeal to adopt now unless you are in a smaller town with a "pound". Here's hoping you find just the one for you and Mr and your mama to call your own. ❤️

Sylvia said...

Yes, it does surprise me...I am seeing on TV and other places where it's encouraging people to adopt a pet. Have you tried Petmart or Petsense? Petsense in my town holds adoption days and usually have some in the store. Hope you find one you can love and enjoy!

Changes in the wind said...

If you have a petsmart in you area they sponsors adoptions and also check online for small dog rescue in your area. We adopted two that I found online and it has been a match made in heaven. Don't give up.

Deanna said...

You might ask a local vet. I wanted a Great Pyrenees so I mentioned it to our vet (who happens to be a friend, as well). When someone found one that had been shot in the leg and brought it to our vet, she gave me a call. He required major surgery but he healed up well and we now have the best dog ever.

Carol said...

I am surprised that it is that hard to adopt a pet. I would ask around at local vets or per stores. I would also recommend checking feed stores to see if someone is selling a dog.

yaya said...

I got the "I want a dog" impulse last Fall. I too was shocked at the application and questions. I almost said "forgetaboutit"!! But I kept looking anyway. We went to our local pound 3 times as well as adopt a dog day at local businesses. You are very right about there being only big dogs. When we found a small one it usually had some issues like not getting along with other dogs or not good with kids. I checked out PetFinder.com almost every day. I saw this little poodle mix that was older and he sure looked pathetic. I gritted my teeth and filled out the dumb application after calling about him and talking to the shelter person. The funny thing was, she told us to just come on over to check him out. I doubt she even looked at our application. We went there and low and behold we found our little guy..Chubbs...and after thinking about it for a couple of days we went back and adopted him. He's poodle/luck of the draw mix. He doesn't shed, he's good with dogs and kids and he's the gentlest dog ever. Not sure of his age..maybe 8. My hubby was surprised I wanted a dog but he really loves Chubbs too. I don't regret my decision and I'm really glad we could give an older dog that probably wouldn't get adopted a good home. He cleaned up nicely too! I've blogged about him a few times. Good luck with your search and don't let the application stop you.

Linda said...

I have always found a dog right off the bat at the local animal shelters! No wait. But they are not pure breeds or anything. I have to tell you - Louis Dean and I both agree - once Lucy and Maddie are gone we will NOT be having any more pets!!! We are in our camper and Maddie has peed on the curtain I use to cover our pantry - even though her cat box is inches away!!! AND Lucy still barks at Louis Dean and causes my heart to lurch when I'm not expecting it!!!
I do not want to steal your joy - just be cautious.....not to say there was any way we could have known we would be having these problems!

monique said...

I experienced the exact same here in MD.
All the Pits and Bulls etc. are very plentiful in shelters.
Keep looking and going by the shelter when ever you have a chance.
It's usually first come first served, once you pass their standards.
A lot of those questions are trick questions. You would think you were
looking to adopt a human baby. Crazy.
And now everyone has jumped on the dog rescue wagon. A lot of people
see it as easy money because some people will pay a high price for a
mutt of their own. Check with your state or county and any place local.
Good luck :)

Valerie Cottage Making Mommy said...

Here in Oklahoma we have all types of rescue dogs big, small and everything in between. I too am a schnauzer mommy to many but also have labs and pit bulls and every other mix at the farm. If you are willing to travel out of state....Oklahoma shelters are full of small dogs.

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

I have to say I'm really glad the agencies are careful about who they let adopt the FurBabies because there are some truly awful mean terrible people out there who do the most vile things to animals! Your perfect baby will come into your life soon....and I can't wait to read all about your new love!

Denise said...

praying you find a fur baby very soon.

Valerie Cottage Making Mommy said...

I didn't mention the other day with my comment I do a lot of animal rescue work. My Facebook feed is full of people trying to place animals. This woman is trying to find a home for 2 little fur babies in California. They could be transported to you. Here is a link to the page https://www.facebook.com/cindysrescue?pnref=story The woman's name is Cindy Sorenson and she does animal advocacy work. Scroll down a couple posts on her Facebook page and you will see them. If you can't reach her let me know and I will help you.

Hope this helps.

Marsha Young said...

Sweet Tea,
We have noticed the same thing (nearly all rescues being mostly pit bull mixes and boxers) and it is disappointing. We said good bye to our little Lhasa Apsa (Holly) a year ago this week - and we still miss her!

Hope you find just the right little house dog who will be a blessing to you and Mr.
And THANK YOU for your kind comments on my blog this past week. I have been blessed by you and your words more often than you will ever know.
Blessings to you ~ Marsha

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