Friday, October 30, 2015

The worst Halloween costume EVER!!

*This hardly needs words*.
This is our youngest son, when he was five, dressed as the "Tree of Good & Evil".  My children see to it that I'm haunted by the memory of this costume every-single-Halloween.

It was a different time.
I was young.
I was stupid.
I "drank the koolaid".
Guilty to all the above.

Poor kid is almost 40 now.
He is phoebic of green netting, but with a few more years of therapy he's gonna be fine.

Have a wonderful Halloween!
~Sweet Tea


Nonnie said...

I'm curious to know how your older two dressed that year. That is hilarious ... but so creative. I'll bet nobody else was wearing the same costume.

Susie said...

That is so funny...poor kid. My daughter one year was santa claus ...she was so happy, she made her own outfit...but when everyone answering their door said, "well santa you are a bit early", she said she was tired of hearing that. LOL Blessings to your household, xoxo,Susie

Linda said...

I think it's time he moved on.....it wasn't THAT bad!!!!

NanaDiana said...

LOL- OMGosh- THAT is the funniest costume I have ever seen! lol xoDiana

yaya said...

Gotta love it! I'm glad it was netting and not a plastic bag...now that would have made it the worst costume ever! Hope your Halloween is full of fun!

Linda said...

That, my friend, was indeed...funny...and sad. Thanks for the smiles. Blessings

Gracie and Bobbi said...

LOL!! Awwwe really, it was cute though. And very creative... happy halloween!

Aloha Acres said...

This makes me laugh so much. :)

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