Wednesday, October 28, 2015

No Fault Decor

Have you been visiting blogs looking at all the beautiful Fall/Halloween decorations.  I could browse for hours.  Thank you to those who let us peek inside your house to see all the Fall beauty!!  It's alright to be a Voyeur in Blogland.  Right!?

I think Fall is the easiest time of year to decorate.  When one decorates for Fall/Halloween it's what I call "No Fault Decor".  You got a pumpkin?  You got a decoration!  It's that simple.  For that reason I'm gonna give you a little peek inside my house.  Most of my Fall decorations are still packed away in a box in the garage (from our recent move).  But, I've got a pumpkin, so I "got a decoration" or two.

Can you find the two little pumpkins balanced
on a candlestick?

Stray flowers beat no flowers.
Are you with me??!!

This little shelf could use a bit more fluffing,
but what makes it special is that the framed picture
is my Mom's.

There just really is no way to decorate badly for Fall, is there?  The colors are warm and friendly and even if you're a "Summer-kind-of-gal" who drags and kicks her way into Fall like I do there is always something festive about a new season.  Plus, by marking the seasons it tells us that regardless of what is happening in our life, time is still marching on and we are blessed to be living in the moment.

Thanks for stopping by.
I've been very sporadic posting lately and have lost a lot of Followers.  So, if you've stayed with me and are reading this I want you to know that I do soooooo appreciate you and count you as a Friend.  That's especially important to me now.  Since the move my local friend count is pretty much at a zero, but I'm working on it!  Hope you're having a wonderful Fall and I'll soon be by to visit you at your blog.  I PROMISE!!
~Sweet Tea


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Always look forward to a visit from you. Hugs.

Nonnie said...

Hey, I look for you every time I check Blogland. I like your Fall decor. I haven't done anything and I don't have the excuses that you do. Now that your Mister is back and you settle into a routine and find a church, I'm positive you will find friends quickly. Blessings.

Linda said...

You have pumpkins and I saw sunflowers!!!
Liked getting a glimpse of your home!

Linda said...

Well....you know why I am so sporadic in commenting...school has been keeping me busy...anyways---thanks for sharing your photos, they are so lovely. Blessings

NanaDiana said...

I'm still here!! When you get back to posting regularly your readers will come back, too. I know it cuz it has happened to me.
Yep- You are right- you got a pumpkin you got a decoration. xo Diana

yaya said...

So pretty! I love the color orange but haven't used it on any walls or anything...I'll keep it to the fall decorations! You can't go wrong this time of year. I've often commented that even the weeds look pretty in fall! Thanks for the tour..your home is looking lovely!

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