Monday, October 19, 2015

Risky Business

I'm not asking you to get excited about seeing a corner of my living room floor, but I'm showing it to you as a point of reference.  Got it?  Of course you do!

Life has been messy on a personal level for several months now.  Though we've lived in our new-to-us house for four months I just now feel like I'm really getting acquainted with it.  Gotta say the better I get to know it the more I enjoy it.  I guess most relationships are like that...

Last week I had an entire day set aside to fluff the house.  First thing on my list was to make these wood floors sparkle.  I had my cleaner, a mop, and a bucket.  I worked and it shined.  I took my time and was careful not to miss a spot...I moved on to some other things while the floor dried.  Went back to admire my work on the floor, but it wasn't quite dry...Came back again and it was drier, but something was WRONG.  The floor looked nice but it felt extremely STICKY. 
I looked at my bottle of cleaner and much to my surprise I had used a product intended for wood FURNITURE, not wood floors.  UGH!  So, I mopped that  *&%#  darn floor 3 more times trying to get the sticky up.  At last it was all gone, but what was left behind was a floor as slick as glass.

Two of my older granddolls were here last week.  
They had lots of fun doing their Tom Cruise, "Risky Business" slide across the floor in their socks.  Me?  I bought some new house shoes with a good traction sole. That's how I roll, errrr, slide. NOT!


Nonnie said...

Tooooo funny! Glad it was your agile grand dolls enjoying the slides across the floor and not your Mom. That would indeed have been some risky business. I'm so happy for you that your son and daughter's lives are returning to normal and hopeful yours will be back to your normal soon so you can enjoy the holidays in your new home.

Susie said...

That's kind of scary...the slick part. I can remember a product called Mop and Glo...it was fabulous on tile floors and linoleum. They had one for wood floors too. Now I just use those wet mop swiffers. Just be careful till all the slick is gone. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Jill said...

Lol, luckily no one was hurt :-) Best wishes as you settle into your new home!


Mindy Peltier said...

I'm having label issues, too. I put SHAMPOO on my legs instead of lotion and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't rub in and was all white. Then I just put FACEWASH instead of moisturizer on my face at night. Couldn't figure why I woke up with a wet face. Trying to use up my small samples of things

NanaDiana said...

LOL- One time my daughter "waxed" her floor with cleaner instead of the wax and wondered why her floors were sticky and dull looking...lol What a mess that was to clean up! I once brushed my teeth with diaper rash medicine...lol See, your story could have been worse! xo Diana

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