Monday, May 19, 2014

Good to go?

When I was a little kid Mother's Day was a BIG day at our house.  I'd like to say it was because we got to honor Mom (yes, we did do that) but what made it really special was the fact that we were allowed to play "barefooted" beginning every Mother's Day. Loved it!  Aside from Christmas and my birthday, it was the only holiday I did a countdown for. (sloppy sentence - just wanted you to know that I know)

Now I've grown into a tender-foot and goin' barefoot makes my feet ache.  *sniff   Still, when Mother's Day rolls around I know it's time to do away with "winter toes" and get my feet in shape so that I'm "good to go" for the warm weather seasons. My favorites!

Big feet.  Little feet.
It's time for summer flip-flop feet.

*No words needed*

I was always taught that one wasn't supposed to wear white pants, or heaven forbid, white shoes, until after Easter.  I have friends who say the rule should be no white till after Mother's Day, and still others who say no white until after Memorial Day.  ??? It's all so confusing!  Like I really care. Plsfph.

I wore white pants to church yesterday.
Not sure if I was early, late, or right on time with that call, but white it was. I even bought (and used) my first "self-tanner" of the season to hedge the glare off my pearly, white legs.

Are you ready for Spring/Summer?
Got your toes polished, legs shaved, and white pants ready?
(I love askin' all these personal questions. *wink)


Susie said...

Funny about white pants...there seems to be a new trend that you can wear white when ever...I would still feel odd wearing white pants, skirts or dresses in winter. xoxo,Susie

Jeanie said...

Toes polished: check

Legs shaved: check

White pants: well, not quite pure white, but yes: check

Anonymous said...

we may still have a wee bit of snow still on the edge of the forest but we Northern gals follow the same rules, I'm not so much for white pants but my light off white khakis I never wear until spring and summer, lots of flip flops here now, I did my toes last week end, self tanner I use all summer, I stay away from the sun, what little we have of it, I wore sandals today for the first time, I don't wear flip flips, I could never get used to the thing between my toes,lol! I wish I could, they are so cheap, well, some of them!!!

Aloha Acres said...

Should I even comment? Let's just say "Aloha!" I'm seriously loving the where-what-you-want-brudda lifestyle. :)

The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

I just did that last year! You mean I gotta do it all over again??

The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

I just did that last year! You mean I gotta do it all over again??

NanaDiana said...

LOL- Well, we were always told NO WHITE SHOES OR PANTS until AFTER Memorial Day and you STOPPED wearing them after Labor Day. lol I still kind of adhere to that rule. lol xo Diana


I love it when the white comes in.....and can't wait to get my mani/pedi before leaving for the beach after church on Sunday.

Linda said...

YUP!!! I even shaved my legs! Although I notice I don't have to do that nearly as often a when I was young! I am due for a pedi! Next week!

Joyce said...

What I've learned in living in a place where the climate is less than 'summer-like' more than 3/4 of the year is this-having my toes polished makes me feel better about it all. My toes are always summer ready! Now if only the weather would get with the program!

Terra said...

You are a cutie, getting those tootsies ready for warm weather. It is sandal time here too.

Nonnie said...

Our rule for bare feet was May 1 and yes, we counted down the days, too because we loved barefootin' all summer. My feet were tough enough to walk on rocks! Maybe that's why they're so bad now! 
I think the weather should dictate what you wear, but wearing white or sandals between Labor Day and Memorial Day still brings a twinge of doubt. Flip-flops give me backache, but I do take care of my toes for sandals and I'm good to go now on all counts. 

The shaving cartoon made me laugh!

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