Thursday, May 22, 2014


HK loves her swimming pool.

She loves to get in it.
She loves to get out of it.

It's all about expectations, isn't it?
She loves it "as is"
and is expecting nothing more.
She has no idea it will hold water.
Just imagine how excited she's gonna
be when water is added!!

That's the way I'm feeling about
Memorial Day Weekend.
We have no plans.
Just gonna let it unfold
and see what happens.
No expectations.

How about you?
Got plans?


Margie said...

She is so precious.
I can imagine how excited she will be when there is water in her swimming pool, all that splashing in it.

We are going bowling on Monday with my daughter's in-laws.
I have only bowled once so I shoud be a 'complete disaster' at it ....LOL

White Lace and Promises said...

Oh she is such a cutie patootie! I love all the posts about babies. I get on Facebook just to look at everyone's babies and always read the posts about babies. Have a Happy Memorial Day. I will be working a room.

Anonymous said...

it was our holiday weekend this past weekend here in Canada, she looks so sweet in her pool, yup, water will make her happy happy!

Susie said...

I have nothing planned but potting flowers. Maybe painting some porch things. Ted is working at the Skeet shot. All weekend. But Monday he and I have a lunch date. xoxo, Susie

Mari said...

You'll have to share pictures when the pool is filled too. :)
I have a 3 day weekend - never happens! We are having our granddaughter overnight and then will be working on the house and yard.
Have a nice weekend!

Linda said...

It has snuck up on us! Amber and I just realized yesterday it will be here on MONDAY! She's invited us over to grill out and play with the quads. Maybe we will help her with some gardening. It will be nice to see Mike since mostly we are there when he's at work.
YOUR little one has sure grown!! We bought a crab sandbox for the quads but will fill it with balls for the ball bath for their birthday party coming soon. Won't they be surprised to meet it again on their playground and it be full of SAND??

NanaDiana said...

Nope-No plans here either, Deb. MyHero is on call this weekend and so we are stuck at home for sure for 72 hours.

She sure is cute- can't wait to see her IN it with water in it- xo Diana

Tammy said...

The best part of being retired is we stay home on busy holiday weekends and travel when others aren't on the roads. We are just hanging out at home this weekend and resting after working so hard this week on the new siding and other things in prep for my knee surgery. Can't wait to see pic's of HK with water in the pool, she will have a blast. Hugs my friend!!

Linda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog..nice to meet you. I am going to add you as well. ---NO plans here. We might bbq..that is about it for here, oh and attend the parade Monday morning. Blessings

Joanna Jenkins said...

We planned a small gathering for Monday-- Very easy. The rest of the weekend? We're just going to relax and see what happens too.
Enjoy, xo jj

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