Monday, March 3, 2014


I'm tired of talking about the weather.
Truth is where I live the weather is quite mild comparatively speaking.  I ache for those of you who have been dealing with the cold & nasty stuff for months, but this too will "come to pass" as my Mom always says.

It's great to have a diversion from reality from time to time.  That's what the Academy Awards offered everyone who cared to snuggle in for a l-o-n-g Sunday night of viewing.  I'd guess most of us love to see the pretty clothes and some of the celeb's.  Most of us could care less who wins these awards as the only people they actually mean something to are those receiving them.

There certainly was an audience full of good-looking people - young & firm, but I admit that I have become "one of those" viewers who likes to see who has had "work" and if it was good, bad, or awful work.  For we Boomers it's always fun to see people from our era in the mix.  I thought Bette Middler looked great and "real", and what a performance she gave.  I felt a bit like I was in church as I watched her. . . I even thought Goldie Hawn looked pretty good, though I have friends who disagree.  I think she was Botoxed (is that a word?) to the max, but she still looked like the giggly gal from Laugh-In, even though the only thing on her face that could move seemed to be her mouth, but what a beautiful smile she still has. . .I'm a longtime fan of Sally Field and I thought she looked "adorable".  Still. . . Glenn Close got an A+ in my opinion - always classy, as is Meryl Streep.  Real women who aren't afraid to be who-they-are. Gotta love these A List women.

John Travolta looked a bit "scary" to quote many on FB.  We love John with or without hair, but perhaps he should at least rethink the "Adam's Family" black hair and toupee.  (There were those who thought his hair should have been  a few shades lighter  into the real spectrum of hair color and just a bit of gray at the temples would have been a lot more flattering.)  Aging men can be quite sexy and good-looking, doncha think?!  But hey, hair color always looks darker on hair than it appears on the box.  I'm sure the next time he'll get it right.  May I suggest Loreal #7, dark brown?!  *wink

And then there was the embarrassing appearance of Kim Novak.  If you saw her last night you'll never forget it.  Born in 1933 (I think), her face had been pulled and stretched and perhaps anchored to her feet.  She looked like she was wearing a bad Halloween mask.  I.Speak.The.Truth.  Once a beautiful starlet and woman, she has obviously gone "under the knife" a few times too many.  This type of appearance is why they call it "Plastic" surgery.  It made me sad to see her this way.

We do so many things well in America, however one of the things we have yet to master is "aging".   Everyday suburbia is no different than elite Hollywood.  We all want to look "in our prime".  Aging is sometimes difficult, whether you're Meryl, Goldie, Kim or "Sweet Tea".

At what age(s) do you feel you looked your very best?

*I'll answer first - For me it was Sweet 16, then again at 40.


Jeanie said...

I pretty much agree with your review of the older faces at the Oscars, except I kind of agree with some of your friends about Goldie Hawn. I thought Bette Midler and Sally Field (both about my age) looked really wonderful. There are some things I would like to have fixed but not at the risk of making things worse.
I think I probably looked my best at around 40.

NanaDiana said...

I felt absolutely WONDERFUL at 50 and loved that I was mature enough to not care what people thought about the way I looked...and I FELT like I looked good.

I love the naturalness of Bette Midler, Sally Field and Meryl Streep. I don't think Goldie Hawn looks awful but she could certainly have gotten away without all the work she had done.

IF you had not told me that was Kim Novak I would NEVER have recognized her. What a shame!!! xo Diana

Miss Dishywoo said...

Wow! I just love Bette Midler. She just OWNS who she is and that is so appealing. Wouldn't it be great if we each took care to look our best and then left it at that? There's something wonderful about feeling comfortable in your own skin (from what I remember of those fleeting moments that I felt that way)!! Haha

Weekend-Windup said...

It is good to take a little bit diversion from our routine work. I feel so worried about my dressing thinking what the others will think of it still i am short and fat.

Estelle's said...

I could not agree with you more! I adore John Travolta, but the hairstyle needs to be natural. Kim should have stayed home....what a beauty she once was. Bette is darling and so talented! If they only could see how much better they appear when they age gracefully...like Miss Sally Field...she is one great actress!!!

acorn hollow said...

How very sad for society to view that plastic look to be a good look. I earned my wrinkles every single one of them. yeah for Sally Fields!

marejohn said...

OOH! Didn't watch the awards so was very happy to see your post about them!
Maybe it's because of my *ahem* age, but I think natural aging can have a very appealing look to it (as in your examples of Bette, Glen, Meryl and I LOOOVE Sally Field!
I always thought I was SO very homely (look like my dad in drag-I kid-sort of!) but I would say looking back probably late teens and from there IDK, although I am MUCH more comfortable now with who I am and what I look like. "I am what I am" (although I'm not digging the chicken neck thing :/

Tammy said...

I couldn't agree with you more about all of your comments. I wish we were a country who embraced aging and wisdom instead of seeking out the fountain of youth that makes most of us foolish and funny looking. Hugs!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I enjoyed watching, it was a fun show. I agree with your friends on Goldie, I love her but I think a little too much botox. At some point they have to stop or they will look like Kim Novak. My dad went to school with her and he fell asleep and missed her. I saw her interviewed a few month ago on TCM and she was not so stretched then!!!! Bette Middler was wonderful and looked great and Sally Field is always adorable. Glenn Close and Meryl Streep are definitely classy.

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