Friday, July 26, 2013

Itty bits

Here are a few of the itty bits of thoughts on my mind at the moment.  (this IS why we blog, isn't it??!!)

Have you ever noticed that on the "Pioneer Woman" TV program, her kids NE-VEH complain about any food she prepares?  I swear they would eat Scrambled Egg w/Tuna Hash and tell her it was awesome.  Where did she find these kids?  Surely they are not of this planet, OR they've been coaxed to say those things for the sake of TV.  Just sayin. . . Then again, if the Pioneer Woman was cookin' for me I'd say it was awesome too.  Hmmmm.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Today went from Plan A, to Plan B, to Plan C, to Plan D.  Still, it all worked out.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * 

If my hot flashes get any worse I may need a tee shirt that says "Combustible" on it.  My Mom assures me they will go away someday, but I'm 10 yrs into this and still flashin' regularly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I have a Gift Card (which I received for Christmas) to a Spa for a massage & pedi and have still not used it. I know.  "Cra-Cra", as my daughter says.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I've been having some bouts of sleepless nights (even after taking Ambien), then I realized that Coke Zero meant Zero calories, not Zero Caffeine.

I know a person who goes to the library every two weeks and checks out four books.  At the end of two weeks she returns them all, always unread, and checks out four more.  Over and over and over again.  What sort of "issues" do you think she's dealing with?  (Be gentle, I get my feelings hurt easily.)

Now I can go to bed and sleep peacefully, with out a single thing on my mind, since I left it all here on the printed page/screen.  Let the record show I won't be drinking any Coke Zero for a nightcap.


Mari said...

I want Ree to cook for me too!
Hurry up and schedule that spa visit!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Spa visit = happy you. Do it. Interesting to see what time in the day Coke Zero has its 'stop time' for a good nights sleep.

Love visiting you every time you post.


SouthLakesMom said...

Re: PW -- I love the references she makes on her blog to the utensils and kitchen equipment that are now at the bottom of the pond having been used by children (boys) for a very different purpose. A great sense of humor. What I don't love is that her recipes are always so loaded with calories! Yum, but ... a price to pay!

Nonnie said...

I've never watched the Pioneer Woman. Will have to check out these kids who never say "Yucky. I want a cheddar bunny."
Scheduling a spa visit is one of the things I can never find time to do and put off until the card is about to expire.
Sounds like you have high hopes on the books, but the reality is no time.

(Is Coke Zero good for you to even be drinking?)

Jeanie said...

I hope you got a good night's sleep with you mind cleared out and caffeine free.
There's no way those kids like everything....no kids like everything. There has to be some money changing hands. :)

acorn hollow said...

funny you should talk about the pioneer woman I just watched her show for the first time a few days ago and have then watched several in a row. Ok I have a couple of issues she had a sleep over and fed the kids frozen and then thawed canned fruit really? She does a lot of frying in canola oil And beans at ever meal I know I know its a ranch. My husband was watching and he said they had the kids go out to work without any breakfast you can tell where his heart lies (in breakfast)they did come back for breakfast later. Yes my daughter would have had a crying fit if I gave her some of that food she has great kids.
I met a lady in her 70's still having hot flashes there is no hope for me it is awful. Sleeping Is an issue stopped taking ambien when you could drive a car while sleeping my husband sleeps so sound he would never hear me leave.
I am off soda all together I think it helps and the caffeine in the soda can trigger a hot flash. ok I have said enough have a great day

Linda said...

You are hilarious!!! I take Ambien too - on the nights I don't have wine!

Marsha Young said...

That Pioneer Woman didn't know how good she had it, did she? :)

I, too, drank one of the Coke Zero things the other evening, feeling very virtuous about saving the calories - and spent most of the night staring at the ceiling! Drat!

Susan said...

In my personal experience, you may have five more years of flashes. That is unless you just decide that you are "hot-natured" and dress in layers from now on. I haven't seen the Pioneer Woman show. I'll have to check it out. Caffeine does a number on my sleep also. I guess we really are what we eat (and drink).

karen said...

1. My husband ALWAYS drinks the caffeine free type of Diet Coke. If he doesn't, he doesn't sleep either. Such a delicate flower...
2. For the hot flashes, try limiting/eliminating dairy. A friend of mine has done this and it works!
3. I think we'd ALL like to have PW come cook for us. Unfortunately, she cooks for ranchhands, which none of us are. Ergo, we'd all be big as houses, with heart disease to boot from all the cream and butter. But we'd die happy.

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