Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The beauty of "average".

Welcome to our house on an average day.
I love me an average day.
No drama.  No big decisions to make.
Just all of us going about our business
on an average Spring day.

This hardy begonia wintered on the porch
and surprised me by living!

And this plant did the same.
No TLC required.
It lived and bloomed in-spite-of-me,
rather than because of me.

We live near a big Air Force base and I never
tire of watching the HUGE B52's fly over.

And look who's turned into a "Swinger"!

Lil' Mama loaded Haylee Kate into the stroller and 
tethered Boudxy to the handle and off they went 
on a walk. (except for the one time Boudxy lunged
 and almost turned the stroller over, it went well)
We think he is "trainable" and this should soon
be a daily event.

Mister enjoying his favorite evening Pass-time.
Be still my heart.

Ya know, as I read blogs I always enjoy seeing all the special things and events going on, but I think what I enjoy most is simply reading about typical, average days.  I think I'm a little nosy, 'cause I love to see/read about how people live their lives.  If I were living my life all over I think I would go to college and study Sociology.  Human behavior has always fascinated me.  Then, after I became a Sociologist, I would head to Nashville and become a good-lookin', skinny, blonde, Country Music Singer. (all these dreams, never factoring in the fact that I don't like to study, and I've got absolutely no singing ability)  Then, in between studying human behavior of the world, and becoming a singing star, I would marry Mister and have my four children and four granddolls.  For sure.
Don't you love that dreaming is free?

My imagination goes a bit wild on an average day!

Got any average day wild dreams?


Mari said...

You are so right! Average and normal is what makes up most of our days and it's wonderful!
Love the pics. :)

Joyce said...

Average days are my favorite to read about too. I think there is something comforting and confirming in seeing that everyone lives average days. There is a sweetness in average.

Precious picture of the mister and the little miss!

Jeanie said...

I am a big fan of the average day also....both in my own life and in the blogs I read. Average days give us time for things like that sweet picture of Mister with Haylee Kate.

Susie said...

Dream on sweet tea. I made it through some tough years by having dreams that would never be abtained...but I also had a dream that I knew would come true and it was mine for the work. So I worked and went to school the same time I raised my 4 daughters. It worked out, but was not easy. xoxo,Susie
p.s. love the hubby holding your grandbaby.

Nonnie said...

Since DH and I retired and all his health issues, I have treasured the average days. Just the usual, with an occasional surprise (for fun, that is), such as yesterday. Buying groceries together, running errands, the kids dropping by to play for a while, cooking dinner, and watching a movie together.
My wild daydreams have changed now. Just being able to enjoy the average days are enough.

Nonnie said...

Oh geez! I got so caught up in thinking about the average, I forgot to mention your "above average" family. Love the pics of everybody. That little swinger is my kind of swinger. :-)

karen said...

Average days are the best. And after having a week of non-average days visiting my girls in Massachusetts, I'm enjoying settling back into my average day routine, while dreaming of my next trip to Denver in July/August.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Glad I stopped by this morning to spend an average day with you. lol
Nothing wrong with those they keep our engines running smoothly so we can face those not so average days.
Your pics are great and I love the one with hubs enjoying your sweetie pie.

Anonymous said...

The picture of Mister and the babydoll is just tooooo cute for words, she looks like she will be spoiled rotten, isn't that what grandparents are for? Our only never wants to marry but adopting a babydoll appeals to her, she is so kind, warm and generous and loving, her adopted babydoll will be spoiled like no other, she was the only girl grandchild until she was about 21 and her grammie adored her, never saw the other girl grandchild, spoiled our doll like no other! Passed from this world the day after our only child graduated with honors from the university, but her Grammie called and talked her the day she got all her degrees, a shining moment in our only's life..She was so close to her, it crushed her to know her Grammie was in Heaven, but she had her far longer than I ever both my parents and grandmother whom I adored and passed to heaven a week or so before I graduated from college too! Life is toooo precious to argue, fight, not say I love you's to those we love and not to see them and hold them, love your blog, you are not average by any means of the word! Ciao

Cheri said...

We could start our own country band since I can't sing worth a lick either but always wished I could, so on that note, along with you, I will dream. It is free.

Aloha Acres said...

I love my average days and I enjoy taking a glimpse into yours also.

nancygrayce said...

Ha! I wanted to be a nightclub singer when I was a teenager....that is when I wasn't wanting to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc. I can't sing either, but I'd croon into the mirror while holding my hairbrush microphone!

The picture of Mister holding that baby girl just melts my heart!

Sush said...

Average is what I live for...even normal would be nice many days!
I loved reading about your day today...hope you have a week of Sundays like that!

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