Monday, January 21, 2013

"Do you see what I see?" and other ramblings.

Do you see it?
No.  Not the weeds!

Look closer.
A bud; the first of the season on my Hydrangea.
Can Spring be far away?!
(Yes.  It is a rhetorical question.)


We gave everything a good "haircut".
Now we're ready for Spring whenever she comes calling.

I am so NOT a winter person
and I'm so thankful to live where Spring
usually comes early!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I bought a new can of Lysol, a BIG one.
I gave it a few sprays then the sprayer refused to work again.
I sent an email to the "Lysol" people.
I told them my situation and asked if they would
replace it.  I'll be waiting to hear back from them.
Do you ever write to the company when you're disappointed or have issues with their product?
I do.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Tuesday is a big day - I'm going to the OB with DD for her final scheduled ultrasound.  Mister is gonna meet us there too.  We're excited to get to see our Granddoll in "action".  We've seen her previous ultrasound pictures, but never the actual, moving, ultrasound.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I know that a few of my recent posts have been heavy reading.
Thank you for your comments and encouragement.
I DO want this Blog to be light-hearted and mostly positive, so for that reason I am beginning another blog which will be exclusively about my Mom as she navigates her way through the dementia diagnosis.  If you're interested in following along on this new Blog, I'd love to have you as a FOLLOWER.  The new Blog is called, "Dink".    You can find it HERE.
I have not set up a new blog in a while so I hope I have it fixed where you can sign on to "follow" if you wish.   If you have any problems signing up to "follow" please let me know.  If you know anyone who is dealing with dementia issues, or has an interest in such things, please invite them to join the new blog.  I'd love to have you join me there too, if you'd like; however, this Blog, "SWEET TEA", will continue on and will remain as it has always been - whatever that means!  LOL



Unknown said...

Praying for you as you journey through these issues with your mom. Dealing with our aging parent is something we all face. having just experience issues with both of my parent being in the hospital over the course of the last few months I can be a challenge realizing the changes that come with the aging process....


Melanie said...

That first bit of green is so exciting to me too!!! It is a reminder that winter will not last forever and that bit of green seems to appear when I need to see it the most!

Susie said...

Hope today is more fun for you. I hope things do not bloom too soon...but as you are farther south than I am, maybe it's time there.xoxo,Susie

Nonnie said...

We recently gave everything a haircut in our yard and I am excited to see all the blooms come out in the spring. However, I still am enjoying winter. It is always a cozy and comforting time to me. Hmmm.
What fun to get to see the new granddoll in action!
I order DH's favorite air fresheners by the case online. They sent the wrong flavor and when I emailed them, they sent me a new case and told me to keep the case of mistakes! That was their boo-boo because we have yet to run out!

NanaDiana said...

Good luck with the new blog- it is an issue that touches many lives.
I'm betting you have seen that new baby by now! Are you still smiling? xo Diana

yaya said...

Great idea to do a blog that will help many people and also help you to deal with the issues I'm sure will arise in caring for your Mom. Have fun at the ultrasound..something they didn't have too perfected when I had kids. I had one with my youngest. I found out I was having a boy..after having had 4 boys. I always joke and say I don't have 4 boys..I have 1 boy and 3 attempts at having a girl..that's really just a joke because I love all my guys who are super cool grown kiddos now!

Kelli said...

Here in WV we are far, far from seeing signs of spring just yet! I'm in no real rush though. I'd love to have a good, hard, deep snowfall first! :)

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