Monday, October 15, 2012

Louisiana Saturday Night!

I actually wrote the title to this post, then realized our big "night out" was Friday, rather than Saturday.  Oops!  Mister took me to the "Brad Paisley Concert" and it was FUNDERFUL!!  I am a total country music nut fan and country singers rate maybe even above "Sweet Tea" on a list of things I enjoy!  And to top it all off - our seats were the BEST in the house, IMO.

Brad Paisley playing to the crowd!
This guy changed guitars as often as a Diva
changes outfits!

This gal is in constant motion -  such a dynamo
in a teeny, tiny, body.  This is Kimberly, the lead singer
of "The Band Perry".

Here she is with her brothers who sing and play
back-up; they are a brother/sister trio.

If you watched last season's American Idol
then you know who this is - Scotty McCreery.
He's a young kid blessed with a very pure, deep voice.

Then a highlight of the concert was when
Carrie Underwood showed up to sing 
a duet with Brad.
The audience roared to see her unexpected
appearance, only to realize, after a bit,
that her presence was that of a life-like
hologram . It was amazing technology!
The possibilities of that sort of thing are mind-boggling, and even a little scary when you really think about it.

Before the concert Mister went all out taking me to
dinner @ Bodacious BBQ!
(actually I really love this place)
What it lacks in ambience it makes up for
with good prices and GREAT bbq.
*oink  *oink

And now, just one "snarky" photo -
(forgive me, but I just couldn't
close this post w/o sharing this)

This poor "un-cowboy" obviously escaped 
from the "What Not to Wear" program
before anyone could tell him
cowboys do NOT wear their jeans
stuffed into their boots!

Alas, I will not throw any big stones his way
as I may have been seen sporting a bandana
around my neck.
There are no photos to verify this so 
it will remain as unproven fodder for the rumor mill.  *wink

If you've never been to a country music concert you need to add it to your Bucket List.
So much fun!


yaya said...

I'm so glad you had that fun evening! It's amazing that a hologram is mistaken for a real person...made me wonder if I could do that at work..would my coworkers even notice??? Looks like I need to add another item on my bucket list!

nancygrayce said...

Oh,what fun! The new technology is so amazing!

That poor cowboy......I want cowboy boots, but I'm afraid I wouldn't find any I could actually be comfortable wearing!

So glad you had a great date night!

Robin said...

We went to the same concert! Well, the same people in Atlanta!! They put on a fantastic show! We took Chelsea for Scotty McCreery and he did not disappoint!

So glad you had a fantastic time!!

Deanna said...

There's a guy here in our town we've known since he was a kid who wears his jeans tucked into his cowboy boots. Sigh...

I'm definitely *not* a country music fan but my husband and I saw Dwight Yokum at the House of Blues in New Orleans a few years ago. It was one of those random things we decided to do on the spur of the moment. We ended up right up by the stage. So I guess I get to cross that one off my bucket list, right? :)

Nonnie said...

That is a concert I'm sure was worth seeing. I don't keep up with c/w music anymore, but it is dear to my heart. I've been to Willie Nelson concerts, Barbara Mandrell, Ronnie Millsap, etc. You see how far I am behind?
Dear Heart loves Brad Paisley and he is always making me listen closely to the words and tells me that is how he feels about me. I love Brad Paisley for that! :-)
The hologram is scary, but I like Yaya's idea.

Jill said...

I love Brad and Scott! Lucky you! That man is rocking those cowboy boots! Lol


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Woohoo!!! What a blast and a half ya must of had and here I'm stuck slingin' grub smack in the middle of fall harvest.

Yep, hubs is old school and we feed the harvest crews...well, I might add. Heeehehehe!!!

I'm so happy ya got to do this, what fun!!!

God bless and have a wonderful week sweetie!!! :o)

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

BTW: I do hope to return as soon as I get my head above water 'round here! :o)

Unknown said...

What a fun time! I'm jealous! That "cowboy" must be from Brokeback Mountain!

Kelli said...

That Brad Paisley is a West Virginia boy!!! <3 Makes me proud! And he absolutely does put on a fantastic show. He's a very talented artist. :) Glad you had a wonderful evening out with your sweetheart!

Liz Mays said...

Ok, that was one flippin' amazing concert!

Chatty Crone said...

Hey you and I have another thing in common - country music - I love it. November 1st are the awards I think.

Joyce said...

We're big Country Music fans here too. We saw Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw in August. So good!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Looks like a fantastic concert! I haven't been to one since we saw Kenny Rogers and Dottie West...a long time ago. It was fabulous!
LOL @ the last photo!

Mary said...

We saw The Judds during the farewell tour. Great fun!

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