Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Like a virgin. . .

"Like a virgin. . .
"postcrossing" for the very first time!"

I received my first postcard via Postcrossing today.


If you are not familiar with "Postcrossing" you can
read about it HERE.
It's kinda, sorta, a 21st century form of pen pals,
except with variations.  My oldest daughter 
introduced this to me, and I am a total newbie.
This is the first postcard I've received and
it came all the way from the Ukraine.

I began my "Postcrossing" experience by sending
postcards to: Belarus, Netherlands, Czech Republic.

It's a total BUZZ to get a postcard from some random place in the world,  rather than just the usual bills and junk mail.

I'm looking forward to having a collection of postcards from around the world.


Susie said...

I had a real pen-pal in Australia for years. Then he just stopped writing because he life changed..I send Christmas cards still. I love getting mail..my sister Jeanie and I write each other all the time. We live only 5 miles apart...we are therapy for each other.:):) Smiles, Susie


How very cool! And you could start collecting stamps too :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like such fun!

karen said...

How fun is that! Just think of the far flung places you'll get postcards from, and to someone else, Louisiana is a far flung place.

Nonnie said...

That sounds fun! You had me with the title. ;-)
Mail became the highlight of my day as a newlywed far, far away from home. We actually wrote long letters on real stationery back then.

Kimmy said...

That really sounds like lots of fun! I think my daughter would totally love to do this as well!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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