Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mudbug Madness

I grew up in Oklahoma
where we called these nasty things crawdads.
In Louisiana they are a delicacy
which they refer to as Mudbugs/Crawfish
because that sounds so much better.

Last Saturday we went to this
local festival.

The locals love to "suck heads".
I can barely watch this process.
Also there is a pungent smell that accompanies
these.  If you can imagine "sweaty socks
and eau de urine" then you've got an idea
of the odor  smell.  I suppose one has to be born
here to appreciate the local fare.

People stand at long tables to enjoy the food.
If you prefer your crawfish with a flair
you can opt for "Crawfish Tacos".

Or you could choose this as an alternative.
This was what I chose.

Some people ate. . .

some drank. . .

this guy walked around in a mega, maxi, HAT.

The band played and some folks danced.

I'm the lucky gal who sat in the shade and enjoyed
a foot massage, compliments of Mister!

Since we don't care for crawfish when we left
the festival we went to have Mexican Food.
Look what was on the menu?!! 
All together now, "YUK!" LOL
(This just cracks me up!)
No, we didn't order it, but it did
give us a smile.



Mari said...

Yuck! I'd be right there with you - enjoying the shade and eating none of that stuff!

Deanna said...

I live in Oklahoma, too, but I LOVE crawfish! The drummer in a New Orleans band invited us to his house for a crawfish boil a few years ago. I loved the whole experience. And yes, I even suck the heads. ;) Since then we've attended other crawfish boils with NOLA friends and it remains one of my favorite things to do. I posted about our first experience here:

Sunny Simple Life said...

I am with you I could not eat those. Love your wedding picture too. You are so itty bitty.

Shelly said...

Crawdads were created with a divine purpose, I'm sure, but it was not for me to eat them. I'm with you-

Melanie said...

I am with you!! The Pepsi looked good! Laughing about the menu at the Meixcan place! Yuk!

Cheri said...

I am from PA and I am with ya on the crawfish...yuk! I'll take the Pepsi anytime. LOL

Anonymous said...

they are not the nicest looking food but I know people love them, we have crayfish here that some people eat, my kids caught them and released them when they were children but I have never cooked these.I would haveto be starving to eat something that looks like this I'm afraid, wow,
such pretty toes you have, I like that color of polish, , your hubbies a good man to give foot rubs.,

Gracie and Bobbi said...

Good times!! What a great summer day.. but as for me, no crawdads thank you very much!
Love the pictures...

karen said...

I've never eaten crawfish, but my youngest brother went to medical school at Tulane. He learned to suck the heads like a native. Makes me laugh to think about it because he's normally a little persnickety.

Chatty Crone said...



nancygrayce said...

The whole idea of sucking the heads makes me nauseous! I have never understood eating something that lives in ditches alongside the road. Yuck! But I love that they had diet pepsi! Oh, my very favorite!

yaya said...

I think I'll stick to being a northerner! Pass the PB&J please!

Jeanie said...

I also grew up in Oklahoma and I call them crawdads, though I have been to a few "crawfish" boils here. I don't mind eating the tails, but I'm not likely to be found sucking the head.

Sandra said...

LOL you made me laugh and you have no idea how much I needed that today :)

I actually love crawfish but don't "suck heads" LOL

Kristin Bridgman said...

I'll say it with you...YUCK! I grew up in Oklahoma too, and was married there. All my family is still there and I am in the Bluegrass State. A nice place but sure miss my family. . .but not them crawfish!

Linda said...

I SO agree with you!! I have tasted ONE crawfish in my entire life! And that ONE was enough!

Unknown said...

Okay...I love seafood but for some reason it hit me that crawdads look like big red roaches. Ewwww!

Mary said...

Crawfish? no, thanks! Mexican sounds so much better! :)

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