Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Yes Scarlet, today is another day."

This is for all of you who were brave enough to
read my rant yesterday and leave me a
sweet comment.
I bet you wanted to SLAP me and say,
"Snap out of it!", but you didn't.
I love you!
"Yes, Scarlet, today is another day".

Lovely, huh?
I worked out in the yard 2 weeks ago
and I think I have a spider bite
from then.  Other than being a bit itchy at times
it doesn't bother me.  I'm just watching
it and will see the doc if it gets worse.
Any advice?

Today I planted red and yellow Knock-Out roses.
I was making good time when a sudden
thunderstorm SOAKED me. As in
wet-to-my-undies, hair stringing in my
face, and mud clumping in my flip-flops,
  Princess was going to weed this bed
while I did more planting in another,
but I guess it will have to wait until
another day.  She's so happy, delighted, 
sad about the delay.

I'm not sure Gardening is my forte'.
Two times in the garden this season
has yielded me a spider bite
and a wet tee shirt. 
Neither have been a pretty sight.



Marsha Young said...

Shucks, Sweet Tea, if I could get even one of my dilapidated flower beds to look that good, I would be soooo happy.

Hang in there. :)

Anonymous said...

the flower bed looks amazing, you always make me smile, that looks like a nasty bite,

Sunny Simple Life said...

Hang in there. Gardening is hard work but the payoff is like nothing else. House work gets messed up so quickly but your blooms will give and give.

Tracy said...

:) isn't it wonderful to be soaked by the rain? It's so refreshing! I am glad you 'snapped out of it!'
Happy Day! your gardens are beautiful!

Joan said...

Love ya roses
Good idea to keep watch on bite & if any changes, go to dr.
Good soak sounds good on a hot & humid day.
Glad u did snap out of it like u said.
Keep trying w/your gardening.

NanaDiana said...

Well, I hope you had your bra on with that wet Tshirt cuz we don't want to set the neighbors off! I think bites here and there are part of the gardening expectations...AND...if the rains don't get you moving the hoses to water the beds/plants will. You just can't win! xo Diana

Shelly said...

Aww, sorry you got bit and wet, but the flowers are gorgeous~

My Mind's Eye said...

Unfortunately I'm a insect magnet.
Years ago when we had a dog the fleas would actually jump off him onto me.
Mosquitoes think I'm a Southern buffet. Bites from unknown sources are scary. Looks like it might be healing.
Hugs C

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you're in better spirits. I hope the spider bite heals quickly! (((Hugs)))

Sush said...

So missed visiting your blog while I was on break. A-Z challenge brought me back a week sooner but I was never good at counting or numbers or dates! Hope your bite gets better and your roses will look lovely very soon!

Robin said...

Your flowers are gorgeous and I'm sure that rain (that unfortunately got you soaked) did wonders for them! My flowers always seemed to grow 10x better with rainwater than it did from hose water.

As far as the spider bite goes, just keep it clean and if the redness starts spreading, get to a medical professional stat for antibiotics. :)

Gracie and Bobbi said...

Ouch! You better be careful!
Last year I gave it all I had. I made a special trip to Lowes and picked out exactly what I wanted.I dug, I planted, I weeded. My garden would be beautiful! Not. Everything I touch dies. The only thing I have any success with are wildflowers, and I think that's because hubby tosses some and I toss some (who can know who's lived or died?)
That must've been some downpour!! I'm sure Princess is excited to get back out there and get 'er done! lol

Unknown said...

No slapping--but I did want to give you a hug. Love me some Knock Out roses! I have several and there are so easy and gorgeous!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

As another blogger said, Knockout roses are easy and so pretty. I have several and love them. Your flower bed looks great! Sorry about the bite, hope it doesn't get worse for you.

Unknown said...

Beautiful flower beds are worth it, right? Hope the bite gets better. If not, I have a scalpel and will travel for cheap to perform a spidectomy.

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