Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'd rather watch TV.

I like TV and I cannot lie,
though other people oft deny
when a new show starts in TV land
I am happy to sit with my remote in hand . . .

(that's this white girl's lame attempt at rapping)

My name is Sweet Tea
and I'm a TV Jun-kie.

(that even rhymes - maybe I was born to rap!!)

I'm not sure where I'm going with this,
but I have a whole TiVo full of recorded
TV programs.  I have insomnia and while
the world sleeps I watch "my shows".
Two of these many shows are
"Betheney Ever-After"  and
"19 Kids and Counting" (about the BIG
Duggar family)

The other evening I sat to watch these 2 programs
back to back.  Interesting.  The two programs
appear to be at such opposite ends of the viewing
spectrum.  .  .

This Duggar episode was unlike any of
their previous programs, as it documented
the miscarriage of their 20th child.
I am one who rarely cries.
I cried my eyes out,
one Kleenex after the next.
Regardless of one's opinion of this families
lifestyle and choices, one would have to be
DEAD not to feel their pain, as the camera's
rolled.  They cried.  They ached. 
It was raw emotion.

Then I watched "Betheney Ever-After",
the story of a NYC power-house of a
woman, her child, and her husband.
They are living a lavish lifestyle,
but still struggling with the ups & downs
of marriage, raising their baby, managing
a bevy of personal assistants, and dealing
with emotional issues from their childhood.

Now, I know this is TV.
I get it.

Two extremely different families
living extremely different lifestyles.
That alone makes it an interesting
night of TV.
I'm not making any conclusions here
or pointing the finger and assigning
judgement on either family- remember,
I said I didn't know where this was going.

The fact is that very few people have
huge families like the Duggers,
few people are living the NYC
"uptown" lifestyle.   Most of us are
probably somewhere living life right
in the middle of both these extremes.
Still, I love seeing how others live their
life, even if some of it
is embellished.

Both of these programs show people
enjoying great times and struggling
through painful times.  I guess that's
the connecting link. 

We all laugh.
We all cry.
We all sing.
We all bleed.

We all make choices every day
and they impact our lives.
We need to choose carefully.


Anonymous said...

I also watched the Duggers episode, I'm not sure how I feel abiut them still having more and more babies, I understand the "We will have as many as God wants us to have" but, these poor little lives are the ones suffering, maybe she shouldn't have anymore , maybe its time to stop, I don't usually speak out on things like this but somethings just not right here.Sorry about the trouble sleeping, that sucks, I watch tv when I can't sleep too,

Mari said...

I like to watch tv too, but my hubby isn;'t a fan, especially of the reality shows, so I try to limit it. I do like the Duggars but missed that show.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hope you had a comfy chair and a warm blanket. That was a very sad show (Duggers).

NanaDiana said...

I have seen the Dugger show every once in a while. I did not realize she had miscarried this last baby. How sad. I think her poor body must be just about worn out. And I think their last baby was born with several medical issues? God bless them-they are doing what they believe the Lord wants them to do...who are we to say anything different would be right for them?

I have never watched Bethany Ever After- Didn't she start out on one of the Housewives shows? Hope you have a great Sunday- xo Diana

Delena said...

Oh my I found someone else who likes to watch tv as much as I do.
I am a tv junkie too. I love to tape my "fluff shows" as I call them and crochet while watching late at night. My husband and I have completely different tastes in TV shows thats why I tape what I want and then he can watch
his history channel and Top Gun movie 45 times. LOL!

Shelly said...

I, too, saw the Duggar episode and it was poignant, moving, and definitely tear filled. Shows like that, centered around family, are my favorites.

Robin said...

I'm a TV junkie too! I need a DVR with about 10x the memory that my current one does! LOL I like the Duggars, but could not make myself watch this particular episode.

Bethany is one hot mess, isn't she? LOL

acorn hollow said...

I watch a bit of tv usually it is american pickters,storage wars, and auction kings. I guess you now know where my heart lies.
I too have issues with sleep.
I watch everybody loves raymond on those nights.I can recite those shows by heart and I don't feel like I have to stay up to watch the rest.

Ellie said...

Our TV here is pretty rubbish to be honest. We don't have the telly on very much.
It must have been hard to watch the Duggar programme. Real life can be so hard sometimes.
Thanks for your visit and comment :))

Marsha Young said...

"... we are all somewhere in the middle" - isn't that the truth?

But the middle of what? Ahh, now there's the tale. :)

yaya said...

I haven't watched the Bethany show ever, and I haven't seen the Duggers since probably kiddo 18...but I do enjoy TV. I'm sort of a food network and Hallmark junkie. Just give me recipes and the Waltons and I'm happy!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I haven't watched either of these shows as I'm not a TV person except for an occasional show and sometimes the news. I'm a computer junkie and read most of my news online and I did read about the loss of the Dugger's baby. It's always sad to lose a baby, no matter how many children one has. I was sorry to read about their loss.

Teresa said...

I watched the Duggers also. I told my husband I was going to cry so don't bother me. He understands. Like Mari said I try to keep reality to a limit. And like you I just want to see what everyone else is doing. But I live in my reality and do what I do in my lie. Can't be anyone else. I think Michelle did an awesome job with this show of her loss as I lost a grandson like she did and it was harder then I thought.

nancygrayce said...

I missed that episode but I love watching the Duggars! I also love tv and have to limit myself or I'd be sitting in front of it with my bathrobe on all day! :)

Janie Fox said...

I am a confessed TV head, We should watch together. My dvr is full. I have more to watch than hours to watch,. But I will never give up...never. Love the Duggar show. Bethenny I haven't seen since the baby. :(

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