Friday, March 2, 2012

The four letter "F" word

Good News
I've been consistant with my walking program.
Bad News
My feet have become the enemy.

How many, many feet you meet.
Slow feet, quick feet.
Trick feet, sick feet.
My poor, tired aching
left and right feet!
(My apologies to Dr. Suess)

What began as simple mildly aching feet
has progressed each time I've walked.
(I've never had any problems
with my feet before.)

One day last week I walked 2 miles
and thought I was gonna have to crawl
back home.  All 1000 bones (I exagerate just a bit)
in my feet HURT!
Got home, put my feet up
and sat all evening long.
Mister, bless his heart, gave me
a good foot massage
and surprisingly the next day
my feet felt much better.

I decided new walking shoes were in order.
Went to Academy and came home with these,
New Balance walking shoes.

4 days and 2 miles later.
My dawgs were still barking,
just not quite as loud.

I think Mister feared he was doomed
to a life of giving foot massages
'cause he took me back to
Academy and bought me yet
another pair of shoes.

The one on the right is mine.
It's a running shoe,
rather than a walking shoe.
(Asics Gel)
And Oh-So-Much-Better
on my feet.
However, please note that when I tried
to loosen the laces it was much like
trying to work a Rubic's cube -
they went up & down
and back & forth.

I walked 3 miles on them yesterday
and did quite well.

Still, later in the evening I noticed
some swelling at my ankles.
The swelling was completely gone
this morning.
I shortened my walk
to just a mile today.

I don't think I'm gonna lose
much weight by walking a mile.

Tell me what you know about "feet".

I've never been athletic
but have done lots of walking.
Can't figure out what's going
on with my feet.
Any ideas?

I would love to solve this without
a trip to see the Dr.


yaya said...

Well, I hate feet..that's because in surgery you don't usually see too many "nice" feet! I've been exercising and found that changing shoes helped when my right foot started really bugging me. It's a bit better. Hang in there with the walking. One mile is better than no miles and I bet after a bit you'll be able to increase. I think you may have over done the walking at first. So take it easy, but don't stop yet! Try soaking them also...it feels pretty nice and the massage thing is good too..don't tell your hubby it was my suggestion!

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I'm no doctor, but I know one thing for sure...if your feet or your teeth don't work or hurt life Bites!!! I've had major problems with my feet, my best suggestion is good shoes with good arches and NEVER go barefoot or in flats. I love New Balance brand and Dansko. They have good arch support.

My Mind's Eye said...

I too am an avid walker. I have plantar facitis (spelling) in my left heel from walking too far one day years ago in barefoot sandals. I went through foot dr, cortisone shot in my heel, PT. PT helped some but it was still sore. I replaced the inserts that came in my walking shoes with "super feet' inserts. These are available at all athletic shoe stores. Also I've heard some places have a Dr. Scholl's machine that you can stand on then it tells you which insert is best suited for your feet. My'super feet' inserts are wonderful and give much better support than what comes in the shoes. Also I replace my walking shoes every 6 to 9 months even if they don't look worn. Especially if I do a lot of outside walking. During the winter we walk at an indoor mall every morning.
Sorry this was so long but I hope it helps.

My Mind's Eye said...

PS I've been told to only buy walking shoes with a wide toe box. My current shoes are by Nike Pegasus 27GTX. The inserts fit best in the ones with wide toe box. Brooks also makes a shoe with a wide toe box.
Hugs C

ain't for city gals said...

Hmmmm....most people get shin splints when they first start...hopefully your new shoes will help. I was just thinking today on my run how lucky I am to not have knee or hip problems...I like a nice snug fit but I do think they are making all running shoes a half a size smaller than before. one mile is better than none for sure..in fact you shoud stick with that for a little while.

Mari said...

My feet have also been hurting because I'm walking a lot too - I think I need some new shoes too!

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I need to get out and move so I am trying to learn from your experience. I do know I used to wear high heels all the time... from the time I was 20 years old until I was about 55..about 5 years ago. My feet are battle worn. I will get good running shoes before I do any serious walking.

Rhona said...

I was interested to see what people were saying in the comments because I've also been having foot pain. I do think I may need to look into getting new shoes but I have such wide feet I really battle to find shoes that are comfortable x

D. Jean Quarles said...

LOL, apparently we all are having foot problems. One of must just see a doctor to help the rest.

Linda said...

I have a hard time with 'foot issues!' I have had joint replacements (same way they do knee replacenents of which I have had one!) in both of my big toes. I walk in slide in Skechers and Skechers Shape Ups. The Shape Ups really work the muscles in your calves. It is probably the wrong thing to do but I do not wear shoes in the house. Sox only. My podiatrist friend said we should ALWAYS wear shoes. I just can't!

Unknown said...

What about getting some lightweight HIKING shoes (such as those by LL Bean)? I've heard that they offer more support overall, but we've only been eyeing them and haven't purchased any yet. (We're probably going with hiking BOOTS though...waterproof.) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Mary said...

Someone suggested to me that I "stretch" my foot: using a step, put the ball of your feel on the step and put your weight on that foot. (It's like stretching out your calf.) I don't know where your pain is, but mine was in my heel.

Rob Hunt said...

I do a lot of walking when working I've found that a more substantial foot ware is easier on my feet. I use a gel insert and find if I soak my feet in an Epsom Salts and hotish water that's the ticket.

Rick Watson said...

Jilda and I walk almost every day. What we lack in distance, we make up for with consistence :)

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