Monday, March 19, 2012

Dinner malfunction.

It had been a busy day.
I took the lazy route and threw some potatoes
and corn on the cob into the Slow Cooker
to "sauna-tize" till time for dinner.

25 min before taking this gourmet meal
to the table, I went to the freezer to fetch
a box of frozen popcorn shrimp (which
is a quick fix - into the oven and out in 20 min.) 
I dug and I dug; beyond the potato chips,
deeper than the hidden cookies, and
far beneath the long-forgotten
bag of cauliflower. . .
I searched once.
Then I searched again.
No popcorn shrimp!

Then I called Mister on his cell phone
and declared "dinner malfunction"!

He stopped by Popeye's and brought
home chicken.  I love that man!!

Maybe if we eat the old bag of cauliflower
it will make up for the yummy, greasy,
 extra crispy, fried chicken
we enjoyed yesterday.

Had any "dinner malfunctions" lately??


Chatty Crone said...

I always have malfunctions - and their names are Kelly and Andy! No matter what I cook - they don't like it! Maybe I should stop cooking! sandie

Shelly said...

Ha! That was a great save the day for dinner. Mine happened this morning when I went to get the lettuce out to fix my salad for lunch, it was already out of date and kind of ucky! I guess I didn't check too carefully when I bought the tub of it on Friday.

NanaDiana said...

LOL- Yep- we have days like that,too. Sounds like it ended up being a pretty good meal after all. I have NEVER done potatoes and corn in the crock pot by themselves. Seriously? And the potatoes don't come out all mushy? xo Diana

Liz Mays said...

Not lately, but more than a few times I've started a recipe only to see that I don't have a crucial ingredient I thought I had! Annoying!

yaya said...

To me that sounds like "dinner gone good!" I don't mind cooking as much as I mind being the one to always think up the menu!

Anonymous said...

too many to mention, its the story of my life lately! Those potatoes and corn sound very interesting.

Unknown said...

That was a great dinner malfunction since it included Popeye's chicken. Haven't had too many malfunctions in the kitchen lately but there's plenty on the horizon, I have a feeling.

Jill of All Trades said...

Not lately but I have definitely had my share.

Mindy said...

oh, ya' mean dinner isn't like that for you every night? :0

that's my dinner plan nearly every night....malfunction....

Jeanie said...

I don't cook much so I haven't had any malfunctions lately, but I would take one if it meant I ended up with fried chicken.

karen said...

There is nothing you could eat that is bad enough to justify punishment by cauliflower. Nothing.

My Mind's Eye said...

Well I don't think it qualifies as a malfunction but my corn beef brisket shunk to 1/2 its size. LOL It was supposed to be for 2 meals. Thankfully we had lots of cabbage, carrots and potatoes and corn bread,
Hugs C

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